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can i use a fuel pump from a 06 1500 ram on a 04 2500 ram?
Based on the Dodge parts catalog, the two applications do NOT interchange. The 2006 Ram 1500 (5.7L) without the Mega Cab used pump part number RL104694AC. The 2006 with the Mega Cab used part number 5134554AE. In 2004, the Ram...
Corvettez06 I have put crc fuel intake and valve cleaner in my car on a full tank of gas when I did it car acts funny running and
GM does not recommend the addition of ANY of these aftermarket products, apart from that specified in the Service Manual. There appear to be some variants of the cleaner that you added and so I would need to know exactly...
Leaking gas
Claimed by Jeff Engstrom
I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and sometimes when I start it, it turns over, but not without 2-3 seconds of hesitation
Hi Nicole. Thanks for contacting us today. The question I would ask you is whether or not you were having the starting hesitation issue prior to having the vehicle serviced - or if it happened after. If it's been an...
I put coolant in my car and it is leaking
There can be many possible leaks in the system and you would need to have the cooling system pressure tested to locate the leak and then a repair can be quoted and done.
Just had a tune up and new brake pads, drove the car and the accelerator was stuck and brakes don't work.
It is possible that during the tune up the throttle body was cleaned. If the throttle body was cleaned or if the throttle linkage was removed, it is possible that something is causing the throttle to be stuck open such...
My trucks cel is flashing and throwing p0300 Multiple cylinder misfire and I changed the spark plugs and the coil packs and cran
You were probably right to change the plugs and coils, they needed to be ruled out. But since you're not getting codes for a specific cylinder, your problem is probably a little more subtle. You might be having a problem...
my car is at 100,000 miles i was told not to change my ATF fluid because itwould create more problems
Hi Russ. Thanks for contacting us tonight. As a vehicle's transmission ages, the inner seals and gaskets begin to dry naturally. This is accelerated inside an automatic transmission, which is a hydraulic unit. In some cases, when the transmission fluid...
While doing spark plug and wires I crossed the wires in my 96 Chevy tahoe took me a day in a half to figure it but was still drivi
Hi Jervon. Thanks for contacting us tonight. While installing spark plug wires incorrectly can cause misfiring, it's quite possible that you had an existing vacuum leak. It's also possible that the vacuum leak may have been caused while you removed...
2wd 93 suburban from start off quickly there's a jerk binding feeling I'm in rear end other then that she rides smooth any idea
If the problem is literally isolated to the rear (versus the transmission or engine), it's either the brakes sticking, the differential, wheel bearings, or other part interference of some sort. To have the exact cause determined, the vehicle will have...
My heater in my 98 GMC Sierra always turns off the moment I touch my break and doesn’t turn back on until I restart the truck.
The problem sounds like you have a bad switch or control head problem with a connection at the control head or blower motor and resistor. Check connections while engine is running with blower not working and wiggle connections to see...
heater core
The type of metal should not make much of a difference as long as the heater core is shaped the same way and has the same style hose fittings as the one that came out. I would certainly recommend replacing...
Replaced timing and my truck still won't start.
It is very possible that this issue is related to the fuel system. I would recommend having your fuel pressure tested by a qualified professional to determine if the fuel pressure meets the manufacturer's specifications. If the fuel pressure is...
I have a 2011 Dodge Ram, while I am driving down the highway the red lightning bolt appears and shuts my engine off for a few sec
The lightning bolt warning light alerts you to a fault in the electronic throttle control system in your vehicle. This may be a faulty throttle body, the throttle body sensor or possibly the throttle body control motor which is what...
76' 350 Chevy with quadrajet, have trouble with cold start every time, choke closes like it should and still won't start
Check engine cylinder compression to be sure the issue is not, perhaps even in part, mechanical. Be sure the fuel is not old; engines won't run on "old" fuel. If there is an adequate spark (all plugs) and there is...
I just replaced my power steering on my 96 GMC Suburban
Many power steering pumps are remanufactured rather than brand new when purchased at a parts store. It is possible that the remanufactured pump was faulty and there was a quality control issue. It is also possible that the power steering...
07 ram1500 5.7 cranks, turns over intermittently, won't run. New battery, alt at 13.30√ water pump needs replaced leaks. Replace
Fuel supply can be interrupted due tot a faulty fuel pump, non functioning fuel injectors, faulty pressure regulator and, on cold start, inadequate enrichment due to a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Oil in the intake can arrive there via the...
(TM) Truck doesn’t work on drive only reverse
Hi Sandra. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are several things that can cause a car to drive in reverse and not forward. In most cases, this is due to an internal transmission component failure, in some cases by a...
Antifreeze coming out at the base of the oil dipstick tube
That would be unusual so be sure that the antifreeze is not leaking elsewhere and then flowing to that spot. If it is coming out at that point, pull the dipstick to confirm that there is antifreeze in the crankcase....
Screaching when turning
You will need to have the front sway bar links checked and replace if they are worn causing noise on bumps and turns. There is one on each side connected to sway bar and to each strut bracket. These are...

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