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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2007 Ford Crown Victoria
This enduring Ford classic enjoyed a nearly two-decade run before being discontinued from the retail market with the 2007 model-year being the last. Ever-popular with law enforcement (for whom models continued in...

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Why do my car jerk at 20mph
If the jerking is occurring as you are slowing through 20 MPH, but not yet fully stopped, it might be due to abrupt down shifting in the transmission. Jerking as you are accelerating can be due to either transmission (shift...
Noise when fan or AC is on
The blower motor and blower wheel should be inspected. If the blower wheel is damaged, or debris is caught in the blower wheel, noises like that you describe are not unusual. The fan motor has bearings within that, if failed,...
Is it possible for the key to be good and the immobilizer unit to be damager???
I would recommend Consulting with the dealership that recommended the replacement of the ECM. If the old ECM was good this would be considered a missed diagnosis on the part of the dealership.
If the ac compressor pulley came off but the belt is still intacted can I still drive the car? Belt is not lose or nothing just th
The pulley is sold on Ebay for about $50 including free shipping. That cost even includes the compressor clutch. You can buy an entire used compressor on Ebay for $60 and just take the pulley off of the used compressor....
My oil light is on and it keeps going on and off.my car cuts off while driving. Light turn off if I go over 40 mph 2007 Mitsubishi
Check the engine oil level and condition. If the oil level is adequate, the oil pressure should be measured with an external gauge to determine if oil pressure is above the minimum required at all engine speeds. If oil pressure...
I backed into something which broke my tail light. Now it's stuck in either neutral or drive but won't shift into reverse or park
It is not clear if you are experiencing a stuck shift lever, or if the shift lever is moving into all the available gear positions, but there is just no "engagement" at the other end, that is at the transmission....
I have a 2007 saturn aura v6, slowed down than pushed on the gas than my service traction light came on and my check engine light
It is possible that your engine has a misfire. I miss fire condition would cause a low power output from the engine. Many times there are certain sensors on the engine that work with the traction control system to prevent...
Can bad engine mounts cause vibration in the car? Front rotors and pad are replaced.
Engine mounts normally cause vibration when the vehicle is stopped and idling or during acceleration. Vibration during braking is normally related to Warped brake rotors or loose suspension parts. These parts could include but are not limited to control arm...
Wobble in front left tire
Hi Andy. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically a wobble that occurs from 40 to 60 mph is going to be caused by tire balance issues, wheel bearing failure, or a loose tie rod, or CV joint. You might want...
07 trailblazer 4.2 camshaft sensor code wont go away what do i do?
Hi Jenee. Thanks for contacting us today. It might be helpful for you to read this article about the P-0017 OBD-II trouble code. It's quite possible that the root issue is not the sensor, but the wiring harness connected to...
My odyssey honda won’t start ,the battery is new,what can it be?
You may have a problem with the anti theft system and may need to have the computer scanned for failure codes and test any codes to see what may be the cause of the no start. It may be a...
Air suspension in gl450, does it suppose to move when it's parked and running?
The air suspension is an active system and can adjust up or down any time when it is running.
Leak in air system? Gl450
I'm assuming you are talking about the air suspension system that Mercedes offers on several of their cars. Air suspension is great for about ten years or a hundred thousand miles. Then it can become a real pain in the...
Car wont crank. Turn key over lights and radio comes on. Replaced battery started 3 or 4 times then started doing the same thing
A possibility is a faulty starter motor. If the battery is discharged though, and that is the cause of the no start, the only reason a battery will discharge is if the charging system is not working properly or if...
Bmw misfire
You will need to have the cylinder number 6 compression tested to see if there is low compression in that cylinder? If it is low then have the cylinder pressure tested to see if the valves or piston rings are...
My 2007 mercury milan will click but not start
Hi Robert. Thanks for contacting us today. While you might have enough battery juice to power the accessories and lights, it's quite possible that your battery doesn't have enough cranking amps to activate the starter. This is typically what the...
Had brakes serviced.. Now ive got white smoke coming fom the exhaust
I do not think the brakes had anything to do with white smoke. You will need to have the cooling system pressure tested to see if there is a leaking head gasket or the white smoke is from a fuel...
I keep getting "engine power reduce" signal. I changed my throttle body and the gas peddle and I still get the message but now my
It is possible that there's an issue with the wiring to the throttle position sensor. I would recommend having the wiring inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue.
07 ram1500 5.7 cranks, turns over intermittently, won't run. New battery, alt at 13.30√ water pump needs replaced leaks. Replace
Fuel supply can be interrupted due tot a faulty fuel pump, non functioning fuel injectors, faulty pressure regulator and, on cold start, inadequate enrichment due to a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Oil in the intake can arrive there via the...
Does the FCC ID code on a keyless entry remote matter if I bought a used car that has a keyless entry system but no remote for it?
Hi Corina. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, we really can't help you with this question, as we don't offer technical assistance on aftermarket systems. You should probably reach out to the manufacturer of the aftermarket system you want to...

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