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So My car a 2005 Jetta GLI 1.8 keeps misfiring when I Reduce pressure on acceleration the TC light comes on and my car misfires ?
Hi Diego. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are times when an engine vibration or misfire is so extreme, that it will trigger the traction control system. In regards to the misfire, what you are describing leads more to an...
My 2004 Audi TT brake pedal is very hard to press down. It is taking effort to press down and it is stopping slow too.
You probably have a problem with your brake booster or the vacuum line to the brake booster. The brake booster is a vacuum driven device that helps pull the brake pedal down according to the amount of pressure you put...
Oil was put in coolant reservoir instead of antifreeze, but not used yet. We added water and sucked both out with turkey baster
A diagnostic should be performed to pinpoint the source of the leak. Typically, a mechanic will pressure test the system to find the leak using a specialized tool intended just for cooling systems. If you desire that this problem be...
My 2002 Jetta 1.8t won’t go faster than 20mph
There are a number of things that may cause this, but it sounds like you may have a transmission that is slipping. The burning smell is likely the plates inside the transmission creating an intense amount of friction as they...
P0121 02 vw beetle
You will need to have codes cleared and then the system tested again to see if it runs good or codes return. If the problem is still there then monitor data for the AAP1 and AAP2 on scanner to see...
Car shakes really bad between 25-55mph, steering is tight.
Tire/wheel imbalance (including excessive radial force variation) is a possibility, but so is tire/wheel damage. The vibration might not have a "single" cause as you could have a marginal tire imbalance combined with faulty struts that allow the wheel tire/assembly...
Audi 2001 A4<75K miles needs new engine cost 11K,cert mechanic will do it for 7K,should I get motor or buy 2013 Hyundai >123K @7k
A quick review of the history of the 2001 A4 using the NHTSA database shows an "average" number of complaints and problems and no serious recalls or investigations. I don't know which model of Hyundai you are considering. Basically, once...
Rich idle only, negative STFT
Some common causes of too much fuel being delivered in a situation like that you describe are: a faulty coolant temperature sensor (the temperature signal is a part determinant of injector pulse width); leaking fuel injector(s) allowing too much fuel...
i am getting fault code P001477. How far/long can i drive without causing any damage to the engine.
Unfortunately, there is no way to determine specifically how long mechanical failures like this may last before failing entirely. As you know, code P001477 is related to the camshaft adjuster solenoid. When this is not functioning properly, this will cause...
I just replaced my Turn Signal Switch, signals stopped working, but my flashers work.
It is possible that you could be having an issue with the clock spring in your steering wheel. The clock spring controls a lot of the electronics that are mounted in the steering column and steering wheel itself. Many traction...
Hello my gears shift on my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta and it sounds terrible. what does that mean exactly ?
Hi Dyani. Thanks for contacting us today. It really depends on what type of noise is being produced when shifting which will determine the root source or cause of the noise. If it's a grinding noise when your automatic transmission...
I need a good basic diagram for vacuum lines on my 1.8t jetta 2003
The vacuum hose diagram may appear on an under hood label so be sure to check that location first. Generally, the best source for the diagram, as well as all repair and diagnostic information and instructions for the vehicle, is...
My car will stay on on any gear when I let go of the clutch
It is possible that you could be having an issue with the clutch itself. I would recommend having your clutch inspected by a qualified transmission specialist to determine if it is functioning properly. Clutches are made of the same material...
Ok, I just bled the clutch master cylinder using dot 4 brake fluid. I opened the bleeder screw and once I made the first initial p
The system may still have trapped air. Also, there is the possibility of seals being damaged during bleeding as the piston in the cylinder(s) travels past the normal "stop" point that you would see in regular operation. Mechanics often use...
Coolant leak coming from behind the radiator
The coolant leak can only be pinpointed after an inspection but a leaking hose in that location would not be unusual. Coolant leaks can sometimes be either a cause, or a consequence, of overheating. Be sure not to drive the...
I am leaking coolant only sometimes. 2002 vw passat.
Coolant leaks can be very tricky because they might happen only under certain conditions. Some leaks may only occur when the engine is cold, while others might only show when the engine is hot. some may be low pressure leaks...
Car won’t go into neautral, battery is fine, and makes a squeal and grind.
It sounds like your vehicle may be a bit low on transmission fluid or you may potentially have a bad transmission control solenoid. As you know, the transmission works on hydraulic pressure built up from the fluid inside and uses...
I have a Mercedes c230k 2004. My question is if I can be the ingniton switch from my car and put in a new do I have to buy a new k
The ignition "switch" is an electrical component only. The actual lock tumbler, and associated key, are separate components. Consequently, you can replace the switch and continue to use your existing mechanical key. Reprogramming may be necessary. Your vehicle has an...
2004 vw 1.8t wont go in first second or reverse after warmed up drving it a couple miles?
Many newer automatic transmissions have temperature-sensors in them that, on a stone-cold start, restrict normal shift to only the lower (or non-overdrive gears) until the engine coolant and transmission fluid reach a certain level which in many engines, is around...
I have 2001 Volkswagen Passat I did a clutch in it probably 4 or 5 months ago and that it would never get dressed to where it shou
Hi Nonya. Thanks for contacting us today. When a clutch is completely rebuilt, the master cylinder is often changed. If this was not completed, then it is more than likely that this is the source of your problem. I think...

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