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my brake lights want turn off
A common cause is the brake light switch contacts are either stuck closed or the brake light switch is not properly adjusted. A short circuit in the brake light wiring is also a possibility. If you desire a resolution of...
New coils plugs and wire plugs now car starts and stalls out within 3 seconds.
I would recommend retracing your steps on this. It is possible that an electrical connector or a vacuum hose of some kind could have been disconnected and not put back during the replacement of the spark plugs and ignition coils....
After changing alternator why is my lights and brakes killing my engine in a 2001 Kia Rio
The most likely cause of this issue is a short between the fuel pump and the lighting circuit. If the lighting circuit is shorted out to the fuel pump circuit, when the lights are turned on this will cause the...
My car has low power at low RPMs, great Idle RPM. New MAP sensor, TPS, and o2 sensor
When an engine has been changed, you can't assume anything so you have to check everything including the basics. I would first recommend a compression test, then take off the timing cover and be sure the camshaft timing is correct....
My SRS light is on on my dashboard how much is it going to cost to fix this problem?
There are two components to the repair cost: 1) the cost to diagnose the issue(s); and 2) the actual repair cost once the fault(s) is pinpointed. The former cost is fixed and you can obtain it by referring to YourMechanic's...
2006 Scion XB w/200k miles throwing 2 codes...... P0012 and P0303. Changed oil, filters, and spark plugs. Same codes come up.
Given the quite complete picture that you have provided, including that you are capable of repairs and cognizant of the costs, my advice is obtain a pinpoint diagnostic and then you can consider performing the repair yourself, although I think...
car doesn't turn on anymore
You would need to check to see if there is spark to the spark plugs and if you do then have to check fuel pressure to see if pump is pumping enough pressure. The engine may not have spark and...
My coolant has changed from pinkish to dark brown.
Hi Brian. Thanks for contacting us today. This is actually quite common, as what's happening is that rust from inner coolant lines or the radiator itself is coming off with the new coolant. The best way to keep the coolant...
How much is it to replace the clutch?
So long as the gears shift smoothly ALL the time and the clutch functions as it has in the past, it is safe to drive the car. A caveat, though, is if you wait too long to service the clutch,...
daughters car took a shock runs good but many things don't work but the car runs fine fuses test good. haven't checked relays
Unfortunately, due to the fact that many electrical components could be damaged in the event of hooking up jumper cables in properly, I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient and electrical systems Diagnostics...
P0300 P0301 P0303. Loss of power, high fuel consumption, rough idle. New plugs, coils, and wires.
Hi Amber. Thanks for contacting us tonight. The root code that might be the most important one of the ones you've listed is the P-0300, which indicates a random misfire. The other codes indicate specific cylinders - which based on...
On the start/ stop engine button on my 2016 scion IA. It will occasionally have a flashing light.
The normal display modes for the indicator light on the Start/Stop button are discussed on page 140 of the 2016 Scion iA Owner's Manual. A flashing indicator on the Start/Stop button is not a normal (expected) display mode. If you...
Bad mileage on 2012 mazda 2
In order to check the fuel mileage you should drive as if you are trying to save every drop of fuel. The mileage rating is based on not running the a/c and driving mostly highway miles to get the mileage...
I have left my car out in the cold for 9 days. Today, I tried to start it and it wouldn’t start. I’m assuming the battery drained
Hi Brianna. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When it's really cold outside and the vehicle does not start for longer than a week, it's common for the battery to be low on cranking amps, which causes the lack of starting...
Rear window in 2005 scion xb will not go down with rear door switch nor master control switch
Hi Gabrielle. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When you have multiple issues with door locks and windows, it can usually be traced to a faulty control module. Usually, when the module begins to fail, individual systems will start to have...
My honda city here in phil. has CVT w 24k km on it do you think it will last 200k km?? I drive fast and use paddle shifters often
The best way to ensure that a transmission will last as long as it possibly can is to change the fluid at the recommended intervals and to drive the vehicle with care. Oftentimes increasing the RPMs very high for a...
My oil cap fell off going down the road, now the car smokes when i turn it on. Any particular areas i need to clean off?
Hi James. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically, when oil splatters over the engine bay, it goes everywhere. So, until it's cleaned completely, it's going to continually smoke until the oil has burned off. So, in cases like this, it's...
I have a 2010 Toyota yaris i just replaced the transmission its brand new my gears engage but the car wont go over 15 mph
Hi J M. Thanks for contacting us tonight. What you are describing is often an indication of a Limp Mode being activated, due to a fault code being triggered and stored in the ECU. In most cases, a sensor failure...
I have a 2001 kia rio and it smells like burnt oil from the engine and it smokes a little . is it dangerous to use IT like that?
Without knowing where the oil leak is then a cost to fix cannot be given. You would need to check to see if the valve cover gasket is leaking or additional leaks are present. Recommend having the engine valve cover...
2009 Honda Fit key turned on D is lit up instead of P car won’t start and key won’t come out.
The shift cable and mechanism should be inspected first to determine if the vehicle is in fact in the gear selected. If the issue is not mechanical, then there is an electrical problem with the interlock. If you desire to...

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