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5 Comfortable Sports Cars Your Parents Won't Complain About Riding In
The most comfortable sports cars combine high performance with a smooth ride. Options include the Alpina B6, Audi S8 Plus, and Mercedes-AMG S65.

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Strange feeling/noise under driver side/ foot rest after slamming on the brakes?
It sounds like this may be a problem in the suspension. I would think the noise is coming from the lower control arm inner mount bushings. I would have the front control arms and suspension inspected to see if you...
Looking at a really good deal for an s7 but needs major fixes to the front of the car.
I would recommend having a body shop mechanic go to the location and do a check on this vehicle as it looks like major damage to the entire front end. It looks like the insurance company would of totaled this...
Do I need to buy an extended warranty?
This is often a subjective discussion, but extended warranties are just insurance policies, and the insurance companies are there to make money. If your S6 has not had service issues, you maintain it properly (taking good care of the turbochargers...
My car accelerates too quickly when I apply throttle and I am receiving poor fuel economy numbers
The acceleration you are experiencing is normal. The car has a large, very powerful engine and was designed to reach 60 MPH in less than 4 seconds which is exceptional. The gas mileage you are reporting is at the lower...
How much to install an engine in my 2001 jag xjr supercharged?
Hi there. Not sure if you received the first email reply, but engine replacement is not a service that mobile mechanics are able to offer. This service should be completed at a local engine repair facility or Jaguar specialist, due...
How much to install an engine in my 2001 jag xjr
Hi there. Unfortunately, this is not a service that our mobile mechanics are able to offer. You might want to check with local engine shops or Jaguar specialists for this service.
I am wondering about an engine swap for a jaguar
Due to the limitations of our technicians being mobile, yourmechanic.com does not perform engine/transmission replacements or swaps. Performing an engine swap of any kind with any vehicle, can involve a lot more than simply removing one engine and installing a...
At what estimated mileage should the brakes on my 2014 audi s6 need replacing?
Hi There, Generally, you will want to have your brake pads replaced at around 35,000 miles or 4 years, whichever comes first. However, depending on driving habits and how aggressively the car is driven, this interval may be much less....
My 2000 Jaguar XJR has a P0405 code. Will replacing the egr fix this problem? Is there a way to fix this without clearing the vehicle history.
Hi there. Replacing the EGR may or may not fix this code. The EGR valve itself would have to be checked for proper operation. If it is not moving correctly then it will need to be replaced. The issue can...
Hello Peter my Audi has some engine codes coming up that say it's mostly coding any idea where to get a coding specialist
If the engine trouble codes have been downloaded because the check engine light came on, it is not likely to be simply a "software issue" although it is always a good idea to check and be sure your vehicle's PCM...
Hello Kevin I got a check engine light inspection in May by one your yourmechanics? Do I still get the 12 months warrant since I g
Warranties are very specific and so to answer your question, I would need to know if you were making a claim based on actual repairs that were performed to resolve previous trouble codes. A big uncertainty in trying to answer...
I had a check engine light and it came out for the same reason of post catalysts fuel from system bank 1 lean is their warranty?
You should contact customer service to find out if you are covered under the warranty policy for the repairs you had done. What will need to happen is the vehicle retested and verify the previous repairs is not the cause...
Why cant i find blinker fluid at any of the auto parts stores i have drove to several stores and they all seem to be out,
Hi John. Thanks for the question. Mercedes-Benz blinker fluid is usually located next to the flux capacitor or in the muffler bearing isle at most auto parts stores.

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