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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Dodge Journey
The 2012 Dodge Journey is easy to drive, and it’s not so large that you will have a difficult time parking it. It’s an attractive vehicle that has the power you need whether...
2012 GMC Acadia vs. 2012 Dodge Journey: Which One Should I Buy?
The GMC Acadia is classed as a midsize SUV, which is able to seat between six and seven passengers comfortably. The 2012 Acadia offers three rows of seating, so passengers will feel the roominess that is typical in...
The Best Used Cars to Buy for Dog Owners
Dog owners are a special breed of drivers. When they shop for a used car they have a list of requirements that can be quite different from other drivers, which tends...

Related questions

I have a 2010 Dodge Journey wen I drive the dash board light come on at one point the car even turned off while we was at stop lig
What you are describing is an electrical problem and, based on data in the NHTSA database, electrical problems are not unusual in this model. If you review the reports of other consumers' experiences with this vehicle, as well as the...
Why does my lemmon keep overheating?
Hi Jose. Thanks for sending the question today. An engine will overheat any time the cooling system is malfunctioning (i.e., when the coolant doesn’t absorb, transport, and dissipate heat effectively). Diagnosing the reason why your cooling system is on the...
Heat not coming out hot
This can be caused by the heater core having a partial blockage or by the temperature blend door on passenger side going to cold. You will need to have actuator checked first and then if it i moving door to...
I have a 2012 dodge journey it is over heating AN my heater is blowing out cold air AN water is coming out right above the tail pi
Based on your description it sounds like the overheating is accompanied by a coolant leak. Coolant leaks can be either a cause OR a consequence of overheating. Be sure not to drive the car if it is overheating because overheating...
My Dodge Journey cut off while I was driving and didn’t turn back on the light the comes on said hot oil, anyone knows what that m
I believe you are referring to the red oil pressure light. This light will often come on when the engine dies but the key is still turned to the on position. This does not necessarily indicate a problem as long...
My Dodge Journey randomly shows hot oil message under mileage and a few other lights. Once I turn car off it then won't rest
There is a possibility that trouble codes have been stored and those should be sought first as if they exist they will provide clues to resolve the issues you are seeing. If there are no codes, what you can do...
2012 Dodge Journey-front windows wont roll down rear is fine, moonroof wont open and my phone doesnt connect
The electrical (power windows, moon roof) and phone issues are probably not related but whether they are or not will be known for sure once a diagnostic is performed. To have the electrical issues resolved, just request an electrical system/circuit...
Battery light come on. So I change the battery but car won't crank.it went into battery saver mode.
It is very possible that your alternator could be failing. When the alternator begins to fail it does not charge the battery properly. I would recommend having your alternator inspected by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning...
Car making grinding noise for 2 seconds after starting
It sounds like you may have a starter that is allowing the starter gear to hang onto the flywheel for a bit too long when starting the vehicle. When you turn the key, there is a small gear that comes...
i have a 2010 dodge journey sxt and the engine stopped running at 75 mph. now it wants to and does start but touching the acceler
Hi John. You likely have a damaged fuel pump or a faulty fuel pump relay that is the root source of your stalling issues. However, it could also be a faulty mass air flow sensor or other fuel/ignition system component...
Engine noise almost like a dull rattle but no check engine light not on
Hi Le. Thanks for contacting us today. There are many reasons why a noise like this can occur, but in most cases, it's due to a vacuum or exhaust leak. However, it could also be due to an air intake...
Accidentally filled car with diesel
You should be able to safely remove the diesel by siphoning the diesel out and adding the Lucas treatment with filling the tank up with gasoline and running a tank of regular gas through it. It may be hard to...
I have 2014 Dodge Journey and the brake, ABS , engine, and traction lights are on. Also my brake pedal won't depress so i can put
With all the different lights on it would be hard to know why it will not start without testing the system for codes in the different modules. I can suggest you have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic come to...
I changed both oil control valves and I'm still getting p000a and p000b codes what else can be the problem
Other causes of the two codes include low oil pressure due to a restriction in an oil passage or a bad oil pump, a faulty camshaft position sensor, a faulty camshaft position actuator solenoid, a faulty VCT (variable cam timing)...
I put new pads rotors and calipers on and only the center of the rotor on the front driver side is wearing, any ideas?
The three things that can cause this is uneven pad surface, uneven surface on the rotors or the caliper slides are sticking. Make sure the pad is not binding in the caliper bracket. Sometimes the pad if excessive material is...
My car was towed not to long ago, and when I picked it up it started to sounk like my front tires were rubbing on something. This
Hi Anthony. Thanks for contacting us today. I wouldn't recommend trying to make any adjustments to suspension components prior to an inspection. To correctly diagnose something, a professional mechanic needs to see the vehicle "as is" to correctly identify what...
Hello ☺ so i put in a new battery , vehicle started no problem..however after sitting over night ( all doors shut , radio& lights
Hi Susan: Sorry to hear of this...I can feel your exasperation. Ensure that all connections to the battery are clean and secure and that there are no visibly blown fuses. Sometimes new batteries are not fully charged if you bought...
Heat only works on drivers side
Hi Brandi. Thanks for contacting us today. At first, I would suspect the blend door as being the source of your problem, but if that has been resolved, this might be a heater core or blower motor issue. Before you...
i need to know where the camshaft sensor is on a 2010 dodge journey
On the 2.4 L engine, the camshaft position sensor is located on the driver side of the engine near the top directly under the valve cover. It is on the side of the engine that is closest to the front...
ABS and traction control light on dash. Cruise control doesn't work
The warning lights means that service is needed on your vehicle's traction control system and/or the ABS system. While these warnings are displayed those safety feature may be unavailable, or may malfunction, in emergency driving, or during periods of low...

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