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if my 2017 dodge journey cuts off when i put it in drive or reverse, what that mean
Hi Tier. Thanks for contacting us today. If your car is a 2017 and has less than 30,000 miles, I would assume that your issue is related to either an ignition system fault, fuel system restriction or possibly an issue...
Is it possible to put a Lamborghini Aventador’s engine on a brz?
Hi Michael. Thanks for the question today. I have a saying that pretty much applies to this question - "Anything is possible with fabrication..." The question is, how much fabrication would you be willing to complete. Anytime you swap motors...
I have a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze and I want to disable the the onstar. I found the fuse block how do you pull it out?
You should not have to remove the fuse block in order to remove the F35 fuse. You should use a fuse remover tool or a small pair of pliers. If you need assistance then have a mechanic like one from...
I ran over a curb in my 2017 Jetta and it's big hard plastic part that look like a filter but could be up for us fell off when I s
A mechanic can identify the part and re-install it if it is "re-usable". If the part is too damaged, inasmuch as the vehicle is new, OEM replacement parts are readily available. Collisions with curbs can cause wheel, tire, and suspension...
How do I remove sap from new car had the car detailed but some spots remain
The best way to handle sap is to immediately wash the car by hand as soon as possible after the sap has made contact with the paint. The longer the sap has to dry and harden, the more difficult it...
For both legal and ethical reasons, YourMechanic cannot advise any vehicle owner or operator to disable, or modify, built-in factory supplied safety equipment, or emissions system related equipment, on a motor vehicle. As far as maintenance and repairs, we are...
Air conditioning retrofit electrical , wiring relay to compressor , ac pressure switch and fan and evaporator temp switch
If you need service or installation work (pre-existing or retrofit) on a vehicle air conditioning system, please use YourMechanic's air conditioning system service request page and the responding certified mechanic will come right to your location and determine what is...
Oil Change issues
Hello, thank you for writing in. Your issue is likely something small and silly that you are overlooking. Often the oil filter seal sticks to the engine rather than the old oil filter when you take it off. If this...
I'm about to purchase a 2018 Kia Sorento with AWD. Does the AWD work in reverse?
All Wheel Drive (AWD) works in any gear the vehicle is in. There are two types of all-wheel drive: mechanical and electronic. The most common way of creating a capable, mechanical AWD system is by using three differentials. A differential...
How do you turn on 'horn beep' feature when using the remote in 2017 corolla
Try to hold down the lock button for 5 seconds and while holding it down also press the panic button once. Try this and see if it does the trick? If not then look in the owners manual for remote...
drove through puddle, CEL on, able to start and drive, drove 20 miles to dealer, felt some shakin while gear shift, bad engine?
Hi Kapil. Thank you for writing in to tonight. If your Jeep is 2017, you should let the dealership complete all repairs or service on the vehicle - as some things might be covered under warranty or covered by...
lift gate fob is not working
Hi Victor. If you have a brand new 2017 Kia Sportage and the liftgate is not working, then it's likely due to a blown fuse. However, before you attempt to repair this on your own, I would strongly recommend contacting...
fob not working
Hi Victor. Since your Kia is a 2017, it's probably best to contact the dealership to ask them to resolve this issue - as it's probably covered under warranty still. However, if they can't help, then you should start by...
Advance trac light is on, car is tuned...does it void the warranty and is the tuner the cause?
A warranty is solely a legal document and consequently a mechanic can NOT conclusively address for you the technical, legal question of when and where a warranty applies. ONLY a competent attorney can do that. Having said that, though, generally...
I just bought a new kia sportage, it did not have a power lift gate so I had the dealership install one but the liftgate will nott
If the power liftgate is a Kia supplied, dealer installed option then it will function using the Key fob. All of the details of such operation are set forth in the vehicle's Owner's Manual. The Power Liftgate will open if...
Fob not working on lift gate
Hi...your least cost option will do to pursue warranty service because your car is brand new. There is a procedure in the Factory Service Manual to diagnose the "receiving" circuity in this device (the lift gate). Without actually performing that...
Hi Peter, I am planning to buy a range Rover Velar that has just come out in the market. What shld be maintaineance cost for 5 Yrs
The best place to find the answer to your question would be in the owner's manual of the particular vehicle that you are considering purchasing. The owner's manual have a scheduled maintenance list that shows what mileage and what service...
Extended warranty worth it on 2017 Land Rover Evoque? 3yr left of full warranty. Extending for 2 more years = $3000. worth it?
Hi Jennifer. Thanks for writing in today. When it comes to extended warranties, it really is a hit or miss proposition. If you are going to be driving your vehicle frequently - especially in city stop and go driving, then...
Hi! I turned the ignition on on/run. my car ran reversely from drive way to the street. I can't stop it until I pulled the break.
Hi Bluesky. Thanks for contacting us today. This is a very odd series of symptoms, but most likely due to the excessive water and standing water during a hurricane. The excessive water often plays havoc on electrical connections and sensors,...

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