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My right rear turn signal won't shut off. It is a steady light even when the car is not running.
The circuit is being powered due to a short or a faulty component. Using the factory wiring diagram, you can trace the circuit from the power source to the combination switch and then onward to the bulb to find out...
olant fan stop working so I ordered a new one but got wrong size o purchased a 1.8 when I need
Hi Kailion. Thanks for contacting us today. I wouldn't recommend trying this, as the motor for the larger fan is likely going to have compatibility issues with the electrical system or ECU. It's always best to return the part to...
My 2017 Honda Civic EX honks/beeps when I turn it on. How do I fix that?
A number of things may cause the horn to malfunction which may cause it to randomly fail or continuously go off. The horn switch may be faulty or can short circuit causing this to happen. The horn relay may also...
ECO Light
The green ECO light is designed to come on when the vehicle has reached it's optimum mileage per gallon of fuel burned. Many vehicles will use things like the speed of the vehicle, engine RPM's and throttle position to determine...
fiat 500x revs but wont start, has hissing noise when when to start and a little afterwards. there is also a smell of freeze spray
Depending on the hissing sound you are referring to, this may suggest you have a bit of a vacuum leak, which may be preventing the motor from starting. High idle speeds or in some cases rough idle, stalling and hissing...
how to lock the front windows on a 2017 explorer
Hi Ralph. Thanks for contacting us today. This is a question that is best suited to ask your local Ford dealership service department, as they can send you a PDF of the vehicle service manual that will show you the...
I am not able to open the trunk.
Hi Ketan. Thanks for contacting us today. It really depends on what is causing this issue. If the trunk lock itself is stuck (which is likely the source of your problem if you can hear it "click" when activated), then...
1900 RPM at startup for several minutes
Try to disconnect the battery and wait a few minutes and then reconnect it and start and idle engine for ten minutes to relearn idle. If this does not help then seek a mechanic like one from YourMechanic to test...
can you tell me how to do it in a 2018 90-series Volvo?
Hi Dan. Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, this is a built-in safety feature that can't be removed by a mechanic. You'll have to consult with Volvo to see if this is something they would be willing to attempt, as it's...
Where is yaw rate sensor located for 2017 Toyota camry
The Yaw rate sensor is under the front of the center console.
Where is steering angle sensor located in 2017 Toyota Camry
The steering angle sensor is at the top of the steering column. The yaw rate sensor will be mounted to the floor under front of console.
I accidentally dropped 2 quarters in my car shifter. Will my car be okay?
There is probably nothing exposed in the way of wiring in that location and even if there is the wiring terminals are insulated. Of course, the issue with foreign metal and potential wiring is short circuits. If you hear no...
Can I have a mechanic retrieve the coins the fell in my car shifter?
The coins are retrievable. To schedule service to have the coins removed, please telephone customer service to schedule an appointment: 1-844-249-6752. YourMechanic's customer service team is available 7 days a week, Monday - Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM...
Q: Car won't start
You have not specified whether the starter motor works or not versus a circumstance where the engine does crank but won't catch and run. I will cover both scenarios for you. Check to see if there are any stored diagnostic...
Flat tire from a puncture
As long as the tire has at least 4/32 inch of remaining tread, and the wear on the tire is uniform and there is no cupping, the tire can be repaired. Below 4/32 of an inch to 2/32 (the legal...
I want to take out struts
Hi Blah. If you're looking to have a mobile mechanic replace your strut assembly, click this link to request an estimate and book an appointment.
Dealership says rim size16x6.5 5x10 Et55. I can’t find. What offset range can I use. Does it have to be 55?
It is possible that these wheels could fit your vehicle. The best way to know for sure is to compare the wheels to the wheels that came off of your vehicle in person and measure them if necessary.
Chirping noise while rolling
Check to be sure the noise is not also present when the car is stationary. If the noise occurs when the car is not moving, it is likely related to the serpentine belt or accessory drives. Even when moving, the...
If I have done the oil change how can I reset it so the maintenance do soon b-1 doesn’t show anymore
Press the engine start/stop button to select the ON mode. Push the INFO button (right-side steering wheel controls) repeatedly untill the engine oil life indicator is displayed. Press and hold the SEL/RESET button for about 10 seconds. The Maintenance Reset...
I drove over a curb And caused damage to the oil and transmission pan, and the mechanic told me th ere was also damage to the left
To comparison shop, you need to have in hand fixed, firm written estimates based on actual itemized parts costs and the labor cost to install those parts. Hopefully, the $2,000 is accordingly documented in reasonable detail so that you can...

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