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The Best Used Cars to Buy For a Graduation Gift
Your little bundle of joy has grown up and on the cusp of entering adulthood. Graduating is a milestone, and you want to reward their hard work and show how proud...

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My 98 dodge neon won't get into reverse but it drives ok
Hi Angla. Thanks for sending in your question today. Most of the time, when you can't shift into reverse, it's due to the reverse gear inside the transmission being damaged. Assuming all other gears are working fine, this is often...
Engine died while driving, won’t start, but it will turn over
You should first have computer scanned to see if there is stored codes for one of the engine sensors like the crankshaft sensor or camshaft sensor to fix the no start.
2002 dodge neon heater blows cold when on high
Common causes of insufficient cabin heat include malfunctioning blend door(s) (part of the in-dash ventilation network), a faulty or stuck heater control valve, a plugged heater core, stuck open engine cooling thermostat, collapsed hoses, and low coolant level. The cost...
How much to replace trans mount on a 2004 Dodge Neon? How long will it take?
Replacing just the transmission mount takes roughly an hour. The mount is probably less than $150. You can obtain a detailed, written quote via YourMechanic's engine/transmission mount service page or by simply calling the main customer service number. If one...
Headlights one works one high beam the other on low beam
Your vehicle uses "9007" dual filament headlight bulbs. First, be sure that both filaments in each 9007 bulb are intact. You can use an ohmmeter to check but sometimes if a filament is broken you can actually see the break....
Throttle position sensor codes could indicate problems with the throttle position sensor itself, problems with the throttle body, or problems with the wiring to the throttle position sensor. In extreme cases a dirty throttle body could even cause this issue...
My vehicle overheats constantly and just turned off while I was driving
If your car is constantly overheating, you shouldn't be driving it until you can get it sorted out. Each time the engine overheats, it does some damage to the various internal parts. Eventually you will not be able to drive...
2003 Dodge Neon put brand new battery in and alternator. Car starts but shuts off while driving and battery light comes on
If the car was running properly prior to storage, but the vehicle was left with any fuel in the gas tank, then the present poor operation is most likely due to fuel starvation. Gasoline has a shelf life of about...
There is some kind of leak by my passenger rear tire. My brakes are working fine, but I’m not sure what’s leaking.
As far as leaks in that general area, there are only two possibilities: brake fluid and gasoline. If it were gasoline, the odor is normally pretty strong. If a brake line has a pinhole leak, the line might seep fluid...
If a left cv axle is bad, would you lose power to the wheel? Would it also effect the right side?
The CV axle is just a shaft with joints on each end. The axle will transmit whatever power is applied to it but if the splines on the shaft are sheared off, or a joint is physically broken (separated), the...
My car is a 2004 dodge neon and it wont go no faster than 50 miles a hour
A loss of power may be a clogged catalyst or a computer problem. A low fuel pressure or clogged fuel filter may also be the cause. I suggest having the computer tested for codes and fuel pressure tested for problems....
Please help. Is it worth it
Hi Amanda. Thanks for sending in your question today. It's really difficult to correctly diagnose a mechanical issue or the source of a sound by reading any written description - so don't feel too bad about your description. It's actually...
Car sputters and takes effort to start, overheats, and has a cylinder misfire
Hi Aubrie. Thanks for contacting us today. Although it would be fantastic if all of these issues were related, it's likely that they are all independent problems. Let's start with the overheating issue. Although a coolant leak is common, it...
Scrubbadub told me I have an oil leak. I placed cardboard under car and there are several spots. I cant tell if its oil
You will need to have the engine checked to see if the engine has an oil leak or the last oil change left over oil residue from it is getting on exhaust. I recommend having the leaks checked to see...
My car car won't start because my brakes are locked
The vehicle can be repaired on a mobile basis at a location of your choosing, however, if the vehicle is not "parked", it will have to be towed to a safe location. If the brakes are locked, it sounds like...
speedometer jumps up and down
The speed sensor may be the cause of the speedometer not working correctly and if sensor does not fix it then it will be the speedometer itself. Once the speed sensor is replaced then you will know right away when...
Misfires when I accelerate sometimes on idle mainly when you push gas petal
Misfiring is not good for the catalytic converter so it is best to get this resolved as early as possible. If the misfiring is due to lean operation, the cause is easiest to pinpoint by looking at the secondary firing...
Car shakes and wants to turn off
Without further testing it may be an ignition problem misfire or a more serious problem with a blown head gasket.
engine runs but will not move, car is a manual transmission car does not stall when in gear and not moving.
What you are describing is most likely due to a hydraulic and/or mechanical failure in the clutch system and/or the splines have sheared off the input shaft to the transmission. To get this diagnosed and repaired, the recommended service is...

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