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If the thumping is continuous (cyclical), the cause is likely to be a defective or damaged tire. If the thumping occurs "once" and stops, it might be due to a faulty motor mount. Regardless of the origin, the faulty part...
Had codes run showing P0118, P0171, P0174, P0185, P0183. Are they all somehow related to P0118? Sometimes I feel car loses power
Based on the fact that there are multiple trouble code stored in your vehicle system, I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional for a check engine light is on inspection. This will help to pinpoint what...
BMW325i 2005 overheated, lost some coolant, steering hard, battery light on
Hi Pam. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In most cases when a car overheats, it causes steam to escape and can cause damage to sensors and other electrical components. This is likely why you're having difficulty starting the vehicle, turning...
2001 bmw 325ci E46. 180,000+ Miles. Went out this morning in the snow to an appointment. Everything fine. Car won’t start now.
It is possible that your starter or alternator may have failed. I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine if these parts are functioning properly. Consider YourMechanic as this can be done at your home...
My car was melting the igniction coil i found that it was the DME, fixed. now it is giving me code p0340/p1318 and wont start.
P1318 relates to spark plug voltage detection. This function might be integrated into the DME on a BMW. If not, there will be a module (VDM) and the code will typically refer to an open or shorted wiring harness. Diagnostic...
Changing shock absorbers
Hi Khaled. Thanks for contacting us today. Replacing shocks and struts on a vehicle follows three basic rules or best practices. First, you should always replace shocks in pairs on the same axle of front wheel drive and rear wheel...
Hello i have a 325i bmw 2002 it is overheating i had a milky substance in my oil i recently put blue devil head gasket repair
Hi Deshawnda. Thanks for contacting us today. Although some "mechanics" recommend using a liquid head gasket sealer, the truth is that 80% of the time - it doesn't completely do the job - or it causes additional problems. These sealers...
my bmw 325i 2005 is shaking violently when into high speeds
There are a number of things that could cause this issue. You could have loose suspension parts or wheel bearings causing your wheels to have free play while driving down the road. You could also have a slipped belt in...
BMW 325 hazards won’t turn off
It is possible that there is a short within the hazard switch itself. I would recommend having the hazard switch tested by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly. If the hazard switch is shorted out internally,...
My car is misfiring on several cylinders and there is coolant in my coil pack 5and 6
The presence of coolant suggests a leak and that should be resolved as a leak could be a cause of the misfiring if water creates a path to ground. If, by chance, you are referring to coolant actually in the...
Rough idling, no power on acceleration, revs by itself, shuts off
The first thing I check for in any drivability problem is air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without going through proper channels will lean out the system and cause these kinds of problems. Look under the hood...
My Bmw is throwing a code for system to lean, to much oxygen and not enough gas.
As the codes indicate, this means there is a lean fuel condition which may be caused by a lack of fuel supply or in some cases, a vacuum leak as you describe near the cold air intake. When a vacuum...
Convertible top opens and closes but will not latch to windsheild
The rebuild might have left you just marginally less "extension" when the top extends, just enough to fall short of the latch. It's either that or there is something wrong with the latch. Something such as this will have to...
Car stalls when i punch the gas especially up a slope, accelerating fully or when I require more power from the car to go faster..
It sounds like you may have a fuel supply problem in getting the proper amount of fuel to the fuel injectors. As you know, when you turn the key to on, the fuel pump is activated and the fuel system...
BMW 323i 99 expansion tank don't connect don't know what to do
Hopefully, you have the old tank. If so, compare the dimensions of the new fitting that you are having trouble with to the old (original) fitting. You are right in speculating that there might be a fit issue with the...
ignition coil melt
Hi Vladimir. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several things that could cause this issue, but in most cases, it's a simple wiring error, such as a poor ground or electrical short that causes it. If you used old...
One strut mount we up with a dust cap on, one without. How big of a deal is it?
Hi Dan. Thanks for the question today. In regards to geometry, handling and "whether it's fine", a dust cap should not have that great of an impact. I'm curious as to why the mechanic did this - as to me,...
I replaced the ignition coils and one just melt and now it is showing a bunch of codes p0335/p1318/p0700/p0440.
The coil melting is the first issue to address. A possible cause of that is the 12 volt primary side supply wire to that coil is shorted to ground due to a pinched wire or other wiring fault. You can...
Loss of power
It is possible that you can have a clog in your catalytic converter or EGR valve. It is very likely that a check engine light is associated with this symptom. I would recommend having a check engine light is on...
My 2003 BMW 325i will start when I jump it. But after running for some time then shut down. What could be the issue eml light disp
Hi Joey. Thanks for contacting us today. The EML or Engine Managment Light on a BMW will illuminate when a fault code has been created and stored in the ECU related to the engine management system. This is likely what's...

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