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When I am driving my car, The car begins to Shake and vibrate when i press on the gas. This issue does not occur when i apply no power to the gas but resumes once i do.The Check Engine light is not on and when I previously asked this question, they suggested that it may be a misfiring. I have the same idea so i changed all the spark plus over the weekend. this issue continues and I think i may change the Coil Covers and Oil, Is there anything else that sounds like a better idea before i decide to drop more money???

It is very likely than an ignition coil could be the cause of this issue although it would most likely set a check engine light if this was the case. I would recommend turning your key to the on position to determine if the check engine light comes on at all. If the check engine light does not come on when first turning the key, this means the check engine light is burnt out and there may very well be codes stored in the system. If the check engine light is burnt out I would recommend having your vehicle checked for OBD2 codes to determine if any exists. If any misfire codes are present it is very likely that the ignition coils could be the cause of that issue.

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