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My engine is dead , due to oil pressure sensor and no oil replaced
On your engine, there is no need to drain the engine oil to access, remove and replace the oil pressure sensor. If the dealership drained the engine oil, that would have been an optional step and would have to have...
Hi Dennis. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when an inconsistent security code issue like this pops up, it's due to a fault with the anti-theft software in the ECU. Typically a GM dealership can scan the ECU...
Had brakes serviced.. Now ive got white smoke coming fom the exhaust
I do not think the brakes had anything to do with white smoke. You will need to have the cooling system pressure tested to see if there is a leaking head gasket or the white smoke is from a fuel...
what can I do for leak between engine an transmission
There are two main seals in the area that you are describing. One is the rear main crankshaft seal and the other is the torque converter seal. If either seal is leaking, the only way to effect a repair is...
Check engine light
If the check engine light has come on, the stored codes may be related to the hesitation issue. If the light was flashing when it came on, that would signify misfiring, a particularly serious issue. You can request a check...
2007 Silverado with 4.8 i cleaned my throttle body and after I re installed it started it up idles great right where it's supposed
If you have the OEM throttle body, there is a throttle position sensor riveted to the throttle housing. The range of sensor output should be tested as it is possible the sensor was disturbed or damaged during the cleaning process...
Will diagnostic fee go towards repairs?
Some customers have obtained a diagnostic of their vehicle's problem already - whether through their own efforts and expertise or from another professional - and thus will just request a specific repair directly. Of course, no vehicle can be repaired...
Bmw 2007 750li v8 Need of new battery
Hi Maurice. Thanks for submitting your question today. I have forwarded your inquiry to our service and sales department, so they can determine your location and see if one of our mobile mechanics has the right experience with BMW's to...
Pedal position locarion on 2008 Chevy Silverado
Hi Bruce. You might want to review this video to learn where this sensor is located or purchase a service and repair manual for your Silverado to follow the steps for replacing this component. This video might help also.
When in D truck won't shift into 2nd gear. I currently just have R and 1st gear. Truck will also work in low 2
Hi Andrew. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when an automatic transmission will not shift on its own while in "DRIVE", it's due to a shift solenoid failure or an obstruction of debris inside the transmission hydraulic lines....
Q: Battery
Hi Maurice, Thank you for contacting YourMechanic. In regards of your question about battery programming, unfortunately we currently do not provide this service. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Questions? Check out our FAQ page, call us at 1-800-701-6230...
03 Silverado no crank no start with new starter, new battery, strange weak electrical noise coming from dash when trying to start
What you are describing is obviously an electrical fault and thus will require a circuit trace, of at least the starting circuit, to resolve. Typically, this requires the factory wiring diagram from the service manual. If you want the required...
99 sliverado no crank starter and battery checked out good. truck died while i was driving hasn't started sense.
Hi there. Thanks for sending your question to us today. When you have the single clicking sound when turning the ignition, it is typically due to a damaged electrical relay. If your battery tested good (meaning it had enough cranking...
steering wheel stiff after when of your mechanics changed the alternator
Changing out an alternator would not affect the power steering unless you have a problem with the belt slipping due to a bad tensioner or belt is stretched out ot too big. Check the belt to see if it feels...
2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 Need fluid recomendations
Here is the (recommended fluid chart)[ https://www.dropbox.com/s/aj2pl3u0rybj7pp/2000%20gmc%20sierra%20fluid%20chart.pdf?dl=0]
Q: Throttle body
Hi Gabriela. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several possible sources of a lack of acceleration, ranging from a faulty throttle position sensor (such as what you've replaced apparently) to the throttle body itself being damaged. If the throttle...
Is it bad to daily drive my automatic truck in manual mode or with 3,2,1
The Owner's Manual for this vehicle does not refer to a manual mode for automatic transmission equipped vehicles. The transmission is electronically controlled and the shift points are variable (based on load) and optimized to minimize wear on the drivetrain....
I have 2003 Chevy Silverado my problem is I can only listen to my radio in auxiliary when I start the truck radio will not work.
Hi Dennis. Thanks for contacting us today. What you're describing is typically caused by an electrical short inside the ignition switch or with the electrical relay that is faulty. The first thing I would do is determine if other accessory...
My son has a 2003 Chevy truck One day it would not staet he replaced the alternator and it was fine for a couple of days and then
Either the charging circuit is not functioning properly (e.g., the wiring and components apart from the alternator itself) or there is a phantom load in the vehicle's electrical system that is discharging the battery even as the vehicle sits idle...
My 2003 silverado will not releasefirst gear. Do I need a new transmission??
Hi Lili. Thanks for contacting us today. It's possible that you have a shift solenoid failure or just an obstruction of debris inside the hydraulic lines of the transmission. It's also possible that you have inner seals damaged or other...

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