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I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer.Recently my oil guage has been fluctuating downward from 40 and back up. It happens at stop lights
Likely causes are a defective oil pressure sending unit in the block or a stepper motor in the dash cluster (the one associated with the oil pressure indicator) that is malfunctioning. The fluctuation in the dash gauge that you are...
Hi Nick. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several things that could cause the oil pressure and overheating problems. In most cases, a damaged oil pump or damaged oil pressure sensor are the leading sources of zero oil pressure...
Rep light is on and now wont start like not getting gas car was runing and cut off and would not re crank
You should have the computer scanned for additional codes and also check the fuel pressures to see if the no start is a computer sensor issue like crankshaft sensor or the fuel pump is not giving pressure.
When I turn left clunking sound and when steered right a rubbing sound abs and stabilitrak light is on
Hi Adele. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several possible reasons why your warning lights are illuminated, and likely are the source of the noises you're hearing as well. Some of the possible sources include worn tie rod ends,...
I heard a noise, noticed no oil, pulled over, added 5 quarts of oil, dashboard says no oil
When your engine is running, oil is pumped to the various moving parts under pressure to keep all the sliding parts cool and lubricated. When the car is driven without oil, it doesn't take very long for serious engine damage...
When your transmission is rebuilt, is your radiator replaced or checked?
It is not normal to replace the radiator when the transmission is rebuilt. However there are transmission cooler lines that lead to the radiator in order to cool the transmission fluid. It is possible that something was damaged on the...
07 trailblazer 4.2 camshaft sensor code wont go away what do i do?
Hi Jenee. Thanks for contacting us today. It might be helpful for you to read this article about the P-0017 OBD-II trouble code. It's quite possible that the root issue is not the sensor, but the wiring harness connected to...
Bright lights come on when I use right blinker. Do I need Turn Signal Hazard Switch or the Turn Signal Lever?
Hi Redcgarland. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It really depends on what is actually causing this symptom to occur. While it's possible that the turn signal lever is damaged, it's more likely that you have an electrical short within the...
Installed mew battery in 06 trailblazer now it wont start it cranks but wont start
This may be related to many different possibilities, some of which may be related to a lack of spark or possibly timing issues and some of which may be related to a fuel delivery problem or a combination of both....
Car will not shift out of neutral.
The shifter is locked and that can be due to mechanical or electrical fault. On an emergency basis, the only recourse is if you see a "shift lock override" button on the console. If there is an override try holding...
08 trailblazer idles rough at light then hard vibrate when start to accelerate
The first thing to check for in any drivability problem is air leaks. Any air that gets into the engine without being measured will lean out the system and cause problems. Look at all the rubber hoses and boots under...
I have a 2002 trail blazer and this happen to. Me I was driving and my truck just stop wouldn't move at all all my lights work but
You should first check to see if the transmission fluid is full and check fluid for burning smell indicating the clutches are burnt. If fluid is good and not burnt then you may have broke the transmission input pump shaft...
Check engine light on code reads engine misfire what part should I replace first and if that dose not work what next
Replacing parts until the car is fixed can be a very expensive way to do a repair. A thorough diagnosis can save you time and money. But if you have misfire codes, the last digit of the code should indicate...
when i activate my wiper blades on the delay i get a steady stream of washer fluid
Somehow power is being led onto the washer circuit and that might be due to a faulty combination type switch. You should test the switch first. That does require that you use the wiring diagram in the Service Manual. What...
My car stopped when I was driving. The engine kept running and when I placed my foot on the gas with the car in drive it didn’t go
This can be caused by a problem with transmission shift solenoids or electrical harness to transmission. I would suggest to have the vehicle transmission scanned for problems even though no check engine light is on to try and locate or...
My trailblazer turn off sometimes at a stop
If it stalls only when a/c is on then will need to have engine and a/c checked to see if it is engine idling too low or a/c compressor locking up causing the engine to stall. have a mechanic like...
ive changed the thermostat, the radiator, got a new radiator cap, new water pump, (and yes it was very corroded, I super flushed w
If the center point of the gauge represents about 200 degrees, then there is no overheating and your car is operating normally. Normal engine temperature is in the range of 195 degrees F to 220 degrees F. If you suspect...
Found an 06 trailblazer for parts sale. I currently have an 03 trailblazer will the parts be compatible if I buy the 06?
The engines, computers and wiring harnesses do NOT interchange for the 2003 and 2006 model years, at least not for the sub models I checked (there are many Trailer blazer sub-models; I do not know which sub-models you are referring...

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