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Throttle body unit
There is a re-learn procedure and that procedure can be performed by a mechanic on a mobile basis, right at your location if you request a service appointment. If the re-learn does not resolve the high idle issue, the same...
Dies sometimes while idling and belt broke started smoking and died
The serpentine belt can break simply because it has reached the end of its service life. Another cause of breakage is if one of the driven rotating elements seizes. That would cause the belt to suddenly stop on that element...
2003 chevy tahoe oil leak
When determining where an oil leak is coming from, it is best to follow the oil up and towards the front of the vehicle. Gravity and inertia from the vehicle moving forward causes the oil to drop down and fall...
9 codes could they all be related?
Most of those are not obviously connected and some, particularly the codes for the oxygen sensor (heater circuit, output, etc.), knock sensor, and purge valve and they may just reflect failing parts which happens in due course. To ease diagnostics,...
Have changed brake pads, have bled the lines 4 times now but having to press brake to the floor to get car to stop. What is wrong?
If your vehicle has an ABS system, sometimes the ABS system has to be remotely activated with a bi-directional (GM) scan tool in order to expel trapped air in the ABS pump and valving. This is particularly the case if...
What type and brand of oil should I use in my 2008Chevrolet suburban LTZ? Over 100k miles
The vehicle calls for synthetic oil that provides better protection and should be on your oil cap indicating the proper weights and the brand should not matter as long as it meets GM standards on the oil cap or in...
The rpm in my truck is high while I'm in first gear then drops to normal once i accelerate
Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us today. A high idle speed while not in gear is often caused by a faulty idle control valve or vacuum leak. It would probably be best to have a mechanic diagnose this issue correctly...
2003 Tahoe gas pedal has no resistance like it's not hooked up and truck will not crank
Your vehicle uses a newer drive by wire system and thus there is no mechanical linkage between the accelerator pedal and the throttle. The pedal has a return spring though and perhaps the spring has broken and the pedal is...
False "open rear access door open" msg. And lights aren't coming on inside when rear door really does open? Can this be reset
Hi Jasmine. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, this error message is activated when there is a failure of the rear door sensor. Sometimes an exposed electrical wire that is connected to the sensor can cause this to...
why does my brake pedal go all the way down only when its on
There is air in the system, a hydraulic leak, bulging hoses, or the master cylinder is defective. The operation of the power assist, when you turn the engine on, just makes the effect of the underlying causative failure (trapped air,...
After i installed a aftermarket air intake without the maf sensor i started having problems with the engine reduced power light
You will need to scan the computer to see if the aftermarket filter caused problems with the engine sensors. The engine has sensors in the intake tube that can cause loss of power like intake air sensor.
My truck will not shift into the final gear. What could it possibility be?
Your vehicle has the 4L60-E transmission. Fourth gear is overdrive on your vehicle so it sounds like you are referring to failure to shift into third gear. Failure to shift into third gear is typically a clutch pack failure issue....
I am replacing my front shock absorbers on my 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and the shocks i bought to replace them are not long enough
If your vehicle has the crew cab, the original GM part number for the shocks on your model (as equipped with coil springs) is 89038652. If your vehicle does not have the crew cab, use GM part number 89038595. These...
Service stabitrak traction off check engine light flashing on an 07 avalanche changed plugs wires and throttle body tb sensor
The traction control malfunction may not be related to the engine malfunction(s). In any event, the engine issue should be resolved first, especially as you have misfiring which has the potential to cause follow-on damage to other vehicle components (catalytic...
02 chevy tahoe engine lag
If the cooling system is not getting up to operating temperature then you may have a stuck open thermostat causing the engine to run too cool and will cause excessive fuel usage and may even cause loss of power. You...
My right side LED blinkers dont work but the fuse is still good
Check the bulb sockets on the right for corrosion or poor contacts. Then probe for battery voltage while the signals are activated. If battery voltage is present and the ground is good, there is an issue with the bulbs. If...
Driving in snow now my Chevy Tahoe won’t accelerate past 20 mph
If you are getting loss of power and have a warning light on your vehicle may be in failure mode and will need to have the systems scanned for failure codes like one of the wheel sensors or transmission transfer...
What damage could uninstalling my ABS system do to my 2005 GMC Yukon XL 1500 RWD 5.3L flex fuel
Modifications to vehicle brakes is not something we can help you with due to safety reasons. I can tell you that if the ABS is not active or does not work then the brakes will revert to normal brakes as...
Clunk noise at slow speeds noise goes along with the speed of the car
I would recommend having the vehicle inspected under it to see if an exhaust bracket or other part came loose. You may have got debris or rocks in the brakes or in suspension.
My Yukon 04 has been reading engine reduced power for about a month now. I put a brand new throttle body and throttle pedal positi
Hi Jay. Thanks for contacting us today. The problem with reduced engine power indication lights is that diagnosing the root issue can take a tremendous amount of trial and error or more importantly, detailed inspections to determine the source. The...

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