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Was in a rear-end collision that affected my brakes. Mechanic says master cylinder is the issue. Could this be do to the wreck
To determine if crash forces led to master cylinder failure you would have to determine exactly "what" failed within the master cylinder. If the master cylinder bore is scored or worn, for example, thus causing significant output pressure loss, that...
I have a 2005 Isuzu Ascender, 5.3/V8, 7 passenger vehicle. No title. How can I determine if it's a limited, ls, or s submodel?
If you input your VIN number at the top of the Isuzu OEM Parts Catalog page, the part search interface at that website will identify your sub-model and, as well, allow you to search for and identify only those replacement...
Replaced front suspension got aligned new tires , steering shudders at low turning speed still chevy silverado 2004 1500
Hi Houston. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes when multiple components are replaced, and adjustments made, it will highlight other parts that were not replaced that might be loose or wearing out. Based on what you've indicated in your question,...
New rebuilt 4l60e just got installed and is in safe mode
If the limp mode did not exist prior to the replacement (of course other transmission-related "faults" existed and that's why you replaced the transmission), the first thing to check and confirm are all of the electrical connections to the transmission...
Why are all my lights flickering dashboard lights to
If the malfunctioning lights coincides with rough engine operation, there may be a global electrical problem. That might relate to charging system output or the integrity of main circuits. Some basic tests will have to be performed, along with using...
When I accelerate I hear a chirping noise come from under neath the back seat area of my truck
Hi Elijah. Thanks for sending your question to us today. If you are hearing a noise from under the seat area of your pickup upon initial acceleration, it's likely coming from the output shaft coupler or the yoke of the...
code P0102, p0300, p1515 Chevy
If these codes, and the reduced power, occurred immediately after the throttle body service, the throttle position sensor outputs should be confirmed. You may see a yellow wire from the throttle body. That wire has been reported to often develop...
Truck cuts on when put in gear
It is possible that the fuel pump is going bad. This would cause a slow or lack of fuel delivery altogether. I would recommend having your fuel pressure test about qualified professional to determine if it is meeting the manufacturer...
Check engine light is on. Codes go back to the purge valve. Which I've replaced 3 times in the last 5 months.
Hi Miguel. Thanks for sending your question to us today. In most cases, if the purge valve has been replaced and you're still getting codes related to this component, then it's going to be a fault caused by the sensor...
Transmission gears
You may have a broken transfer case and should have the system tested and see if the problem is in transfer case or the transmission.
My truck is skipping 2nd gear. No check engine light on
On the 4L60-E faulty shift solenoids (A or B) will result in a different symptom than the one you are describing. Do you have 4th gear? If 2nd and 4th are both out, the 2-4 band is slipping. If only...
04 Avalanche "Battery Not Charging" even after new battery, alternator, ecm, and clean cables.
Confirm that there are no parasitic loads while the car is both idle and running. The grounding of the alternator should be checked. If grounded through the block, make sure all engine to body grounds are adequate. The actual output...
My traction control and service stability system are on dash. My parking brake light is on and when you apply the parking brake th
Hi Corwyn. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically when these two warning lights are on, it indicates a failure of an ABS sensor or a problem with the module. However, the fact that your brake light comes on while pressing...
I bought a 4 pack of CO2 sensors for my Chevrolet Suburban. I want to install myself. does it matter which one goes where?
Hi Koby. Thanks for the question today. For GM engines, the O2 sensors are different based on whether they are upstream or downstream. You should refer to the service and repair manual for your 2003 Chevrolet Suburban and follow the...
Intermittent grinding when turning right Doesn't grind through entire turn only at certain points Never occurs when brakes applied
Hi Mikal. Thanks for contacting us tonight. At first glance, what you're describing is often an indication of a wheel bearing hub that is wearing. However, being that this is an Avalanche, it may be a worn stabilizer bar bushing,...
2005 Z71 Suburban has a slight vibration while accelerating, what could be the cause?
The origin of the vibration could be in any rotating component (tires, wheels, bearings, drive shafts, harmonic balancer, etc.) and, in addition, defects in motor mounts as well as engine operation faults are sometimes relevant. There are frequency domain analyzers...
New used transmission took off from red light and quit pulling
Hi Brian. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It really depends on a few important details that we don't have that might indicate the source of the clicking noise. The first question is whether or not the transmission swapped is an...
My AC will only turn on when the heat is turned on first and then the Temp is lowered. Will not turn on if started on cool.
This is an electrical control problem and will have to be traced and pinpointed using the Factory Service Manual wiring diagram and possibly diagnostic decision tree if this specific scenario that you have written in about is covered in the...
We have the same problem in a 2004 chevy tahoe we replaced the radiator the thermostat and the water pump. So we wonder what is it
There are other causes of overheating such as low coolant level (including that due to leaks), a faulty radiator pressure cap, collapsed hoses, non functioning cooling fans, and a faulty water pump drive belt. Certain engine faults, such as a...
Good Day , I have a 01 chevy silverado 5.3 V8 with about 200,000 miles on it. over the past few years I have put out about $10,000
Unfortunately this decision can be very difficult to make. With the amount of money that you already have invested into the truck it would be hard to let the truck go. However continuing to invest more money into a truck...

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