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I have a 1998 dodge Ram 1500 5.2 v8, seems to be in limp mode. Changed the gov solenoid no engine light now but still not shifting
The transmission fluid pressures and shifting will need additional diagnosis to determine if the transmission has internal damage or a solenoid and valve body is the cause of the no shifting out of second gear. Make sure you have check...
Engine will crank but not fire, seems like fuel is not getting received.
Hello. The spraying of starting fluid inside of your engine basically eliminates the possibility that it's not starting due to a lack of fuel. Therefore your no start issue is probably caused by a lack of spark or a airflow...
96 Dodge halfton four by four .Rumble /vibration comes and goes just started two days ago .Caliper on passenger side is bad
Hi Joey. Thanks for sending in the question today. Typically, unless the vibration or rumble you are experiencing is happening during braking only, the worn rotor won't be the source. If it happens during acceleration, normal driving and braking, it's...

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