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How do i fix code p0305 in my bmw
I would recommend to replace the ignition coil and spark plug and boot for cylinder number 5 to start and rule out any of these components.
recomended work when replacing whaterpump in a 2007 bnw 530i
If the water pump is the only part that has failed, it is only necessary to replace the water pump itself. However it is not a bad idea to go ahead and replace the serpentine belt when replacing the water...
is a Cooling System Flush needed when replacing the water pump on 2007 bmw 530i
A cooling system flush is not necessarily needed but strongly recommended. This is because particles in the old coolant could be built up in the system and cause the new pump to fail. This is more common on power steering...
brake pedal position sensor malfunction came up as a code PO120 since the check engine light was on my 2002 Lexus GS300.
Trouble code P0120 relates primarily to malfunctions in the throttle position sensor, located in the throttle body, and/or circuitry and wiring to the sensor. Standard practice is to measure the voltage leaving the sensor at various throttle plate angles (the...
First my trac off light when on. brakes were barely working and car was shaking both at 10mph or less and when idle. what's wrong
I would recommend removing the fuse for your ABS system. This should cause the ABS light to come on. When the ABS light is on the ABS system will not work. Then drive the vehicle and see if the fault...
just brought car to dealership for eoutine oil/filter change and after, was told evrthng check'd out fine. now service light is on
The maintenance reminders are programmed to come on at intervals that depend a lot on your driving style, so it is not just a clock. If most of your driving is short trips wherein the car is not allowed to...
Rough idle, At stops it surges and I can feel the engine shaking. When I get up to speed it’s fine please help..
What you are describing is a category of inconsistent idle. The underlying fault may still exist at higher engine speed but the effect is masked at those higher speeds. Among the potential underlying causes are vacuum leaks, EGR system malfunctions,...
Car feels shakey
You should have the computer scanned to see if you have a misfire in one or more cylinders and may need a new coil pack and spark plugs with wire boots.
Car jerk when at 1 RPM while stopping
If the engine RPM doesn't change during this jerk, or "transition", it is more likely that the cause is rough or abrupt downshifting. Engine RPM can be logged using a scan tool and your car may be new enough that...
very loud squealing sound about 15 minutes after driving
Well, if you've removed the belt and still get the noise, that eliminates most of the normal causes like alternators and idler pulleys. I doubt it has anything to do with the water in the cooling system although you absolutely...
on my bmw the engine malfunction light came on plus the warning message engine malfunction reduced engine power displayed and sin
You will need to have the computer scanned for failure codes since there may be over 100 possible codes that will point to the cause of the problem. You will then have a better idea why the vehicle will not...
After turning the car on a cold start the car rpm starts to go up and down and the car shakes
You may have an engine vacuum leak that is only there when cold and seals up as engine warms. This can be the intake manifold gasket seals.
valve cover gasket warranty for cracked valve cover
Unless you could prove that the mechanic cracked the valve cover and it was not already cracked before they did the gasket. This would be hard to prove since it may take a few months for a leak to show...
Car wont turn on
Depending on whether or not the vehicle will turn over will determine what the next step should be. If the engine does not turn over, I would recommend checking all connections related to the battery and check to be sure...
BMW 03' 330XI turns over wont start
Be sure that any engine immobilizer system (security system) is not activated, thus preventing the car from starting. Check for the characteristic, but momentary, whirring sound from the in-tank fuel pump at key "on". If momentary fuel pump operation is...
Car turns over but won’t start
Depending on the conditions, fuel in storage will go bad surprisingly quickly. Bad fuel alone will result in, or materially contribute to, what you have described. And, if the tank was only partly full, that is if there was lots...
I was an ender bender and my 2004 BMW X5 E5 shut off and wont start. I saw some oi leaking in the floor
If you were in an accident and have leaking oil and will not start then you may have damaged radiator or engine and will need to have that checked first and then have computer scanned and airbag system checked to...
I the 2011 BMW 328I recently changed the radiator and fan and put in the wrong coolant.
Using the wrong coolant shouldn't have any short-term effects like that. The consequences of using the wrong coolant usually relate to seal and head gasket failures over a long period and if you have replaced it, everything should be fine....
Car Kind of jolts or jerks right when coming to a complete stop.
The transmission shift points can be checked to see if the transmission is causing the jerking or it is caused by the brakes. A scanner can monitor the shift points to see if the transmission has sticking shift solenoids or...
Your mechanic come and replace oil for my BMW X5, but the car said the oil is below minimal, how to do that?
Hi Tony. Thanks for contacting us today. Sometimes directly after the oil is changed, the oil warning light will illuminate. If it does not clear up within the next day or so, then I would recommend adding one quart of...

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