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What are the Car Pool Rules in North Carolina?
North Carolina is a state known more for its rural, scenic regions than its large cities. But with tech companies booming in the Research Triangle, North Carolina has become a hotspot...
Insurance Requirements for Car Registration in North Carolina
The North Carolina Department of Transportation requires that all drivers in North Carolina carry automotive liability insurance, or “financial responsibility,” in order to operate a...
The Guide to Right-of-Way Laws in North Carolina
Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility, and driving laws are in place for your protection. When it comes to right-of-way laws, there can be some confusion –...
How to Transfer a Car Title in North Carolina
In the state of North Carolina, vehicle ownership is shown by the name on the car’s title. When ownership changes, the title needs to be...
Child Seat Safety Laws in North Carolina
In North Carolina, everyone in a motor vehicle is required by law to either wear a seat belt or be restrained properly in a child safety seat....
Rules of the Road For North Carolina Drivers
While you may know the rules of the road in the state in which you are licensed to drive, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you know...
Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in North Carolina
If you are a disabled person in the State of North Carolina, then you are entitled to parking privileges that are not accorded to non-disabled residents....
Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in North Dakota
In North Dakota, disabled drivers are entitled to permits that allow them to park in permanent or temporary disabled parking spaces. These permits are not automatically...
North Carolina Speed Limits, Laws, and Fines
Following is an overview of the laws, limits, and fines as they relate to speeding traffic violations in the state of North Carolina. Speed limits in North...
How to Get a North Carolina Driver's Permit
The graduated driver’s license program in the state of North Carolina requires all new drivers under 18 years old to begin driving under supervision, in order...
How to Prepare for the North Carolina Driver’s Written Test
Although you are excited to get out on the open road while you are behind the wheel, you have to slow down a bit....
Veteran and Military Driver Laws and Benefits in North Carolina
The state of North Carolina offers a number of benefits and perks for those Americans who have either served in an Armed Forces branch...
Windshield Laws in North Carolina
Drivers on the North Carolina roadways know there are many traffic laws they are required to follow when traveling throughout the state. However, in addition to the road rules,...
How to Buy a Personalized License Plate in North Carolina
A personalized license plate is one of the best ways to add flair and personality to your vehicle. With a personalized license plate, you can make your car uniquely you - by...
The Guide To Colored Curb Zones in North Carolina
North Carolina parking laws: understanding the basics Drivers in North Carolina need to make sure they are paying attention to the rules and laws of...
10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Durham, North Carolina
Automotive technicians rely on auto parts stores to add and replace car parts. The best auto parts shop in Durham is Advance Auto Parts.
10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Raleigh, North Carolina
Automotive technicians rely on auto parts stores to add and replace car parts. The best auto parts shop in Raleigh is Advance Auto Parts.
How to Become a Certified Mobile Vehicle Inspector (State Car Inspector Certified) in North Carolina
Automotive technician jobs include mobile vehicle inspectors. Learn how to do car checks in North Carolina through many community colleges.
How Much Does a Mechanic Make in North Carolina?
Automotive technician jobs in North Carolina have an average mechanic salary of $40k, while the national average is roughly $37k.
How to Get Smog Technician Certified in North Carolina
Automotive technician jobs include smog certified emissions inspectors. In North Carolina, you need to work at a licensed inspection station.

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