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Replacing the MAF sensor
The Delphi MAF part number for your 1993 is AF10116. That part number was in fact used in the model year 1994 Rangers with either the 2.3L or the 3.0L engine. AF10116 was also used in the 1994 and 1995...
coil catches on fire meltdown when I'm trying to start my car
Coils fail, including in the dramatic manner that you just described, due to age, internal short circuit and as a consequence of ignition system deficiencies such as excess electrical resistance on the output (secondary) side of the coil. If the...
Fuel regulator replaced now showing p0172 and p0170 codes to replace fuel regulator
The codes P0171 and Po172 can be caused by other sensors like the MAP sensor, BARO sensor or ECT ACT sensors and each sensor will need to be checked to see if one is out of specifications.
I want to replace the entire rear differential on my 93 f150 - not take it apart, just replace the entire differential assembly.
Replacing the differential as a complete assembly is a routine, indeed mundane, repair and so it is possible and quite practical. Insofar as cost effectiveness, the answer depends on exactly what is wrong with your existing differential, if anything. If...
Installed a new 4180 e transmission less than 12,000 miles line blue and drop fluids on Highway burnt up clutches and band. Would
It sounds like you may have damaged more than just the clutches since it was starved of fluid it most likely damaged internal bearings and sun gears with the clutches and other components. I would recommend getting a rebuilt transmission....
My car has a front end shake that starts at 55mph and only gets worse after and scary at 75mph, new axles, upper ball joints
If the steering wheel is shimmying, the first possibilities that should be considered are tire defects (internal belt separation), abnormal tire wear, excessive radial force variation, tire/wheel imbalance, wheel damage/run-out and any other tire/wheel deficiency that will cause vibration. With...
My 1993 town car have smoke blowing out the vests
If the A/C system is on, under certain conditions you can see water vapor from the dash vents and you might mistake that water vapor for "smoke". What happens is the cool air causes moisture to condense; that is a...
Doing my timing belt released tension crankshaft got off tdc now I can't turn crankshaft in either direction
To ease the diagnostics, you can remove the spark plugs to lessen the resistance to turning. Disconnect the timing belt to determine which shaft is stuck: the camshaft or the crankshaft. You do not have an interference engine so you...
2wd 93 suburban from start off quickly there's a jerk binding feeling I'm in rear end other then that she rides smooth any idea
If the problem is literally isolated to the rear (versus the transmission or engine), it's either the brakes sticking, the differential, wheel bearings, or other part interference of some sort. To have the exact cause determined, the vehicle will have...
My 93 Ford Ranger recently started stuttering both when idle and while accelerating.
The problem sounds like an ignition misfire and would need to check the plug wires and spark plugs for problems and if they are real old more than three years old then replace plugs and wires and then if problem...
I have a 454 big block the guy told me it shoots the gas in then spreads is there a way to change it to each piston
If you have the stock (factory) configuration, fuel is supplied to the intake via throttle body injection. After your car was built, sequential, multi-port fuel injection (fuel supplied to each intake cylinder port) became much more common, and so aftermarket...
1993 chev 2500 6.5 auto won't shift out of 2nd gear ses light flickers speedometer jumps or sits at 0
If you only have second gear and reverse, the transmission is most likely in limp mode due to a faulty shift or TCC solenoid. Other common failures, given the symptoms you report, are a faulty input or output shaft speed...
Frozen radiator
Hi Becky. Thanks for contacting us today. When it gets extremely cold, it's quite common for cars to have difficulty starting. It's likely that the root issue was a battery with low cranking amps, but it's a smart idea to...
Burning smell from inside the cab?
Sounds like you have a handful of things to deal with. But as for the burning smell; if it is coming from the vents when the heat is on, it could be that you have a blower resistor overheating. The...
Cant get timing belt over tensioner
During removal of the old belt, a special tool is used to position the tensioner in the fully retracted position, which makes it easy to slide the new belt over. On removal the instructions are to loosen the belt tensioner...
When I'm on the accelerator, transmission acts as if it doesn't wants to shift.
The problem sounds like you are losing power and most common cause is the distributor causing loss of spark or timing. Take off distributor cap and if there is any oil in cap then replace distributor.
my 1993 previa was working fine when I parked it for a year or more, I tried to start it, the electrical part is fine but did not
Gasoline has a relatively limited shelf life. If gasoline was left in the fuel tank for more than 6 months, to get the car running the tank will possibly have to be thoroughly drained and cleaned. In all events, if...
so i was driving my 1993 honda accord and then smoke started coming from my engine and it smelled like oil. The oil light then tur
Hi Emilio. Thanks for contacting us today. It's really hard to tell you exactly what has happened to your Accord, however, anytime you smell oil, you see a check engine light and you can't start the car again, it's an...
can i drive less than one mile if my car has the radiator push back on the fan?
It would be best not to operate the engine. Mobile repair is available which eliminates the need to operate or move the vehicle. If you desire mobile repair, please request service and the responding certified mechanic will assist you right...
I think my main relay for fuel pump went out again! Just replaced two days ago. My 93 Honda accord is not turning over.
If the engine is not cranking, that is a starter motor or starter motor circuit issue. If the engine cranks (turns over) but there is no fuel pressure on the fuel rail, a faulty relay is a possibility and so...

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