How to Register a Car in North Carolina

The landscape and atmosphere of North Carolina is what has made it one of the most popular states in the country. If you are in the process of moving to this great state, then be sure to take your time and cover all of your bases. An important task that has to be done in order to drive legally on North Carolina roadways is registering your vehicle. In order to do this, you will have to go in person to the North Carolina DMV. You have 30 days from the time that you move to North Carolina to register your vehicle. If you wait any longer, then you may have to pay a steep fine. When going in to get your car registered, here is what you will need to bring with you:

  • Your driver’s license
  • An insurance card for the vehicle in question
  • The title of the vehicle that has been notarized
  • A completed Title Application

For North Carolina residents who have recently purchased a car, getting it registered in a timely manner is important. Before going in to get this done, here are a couple of the things that you will need to get your hands on:

  • A valid North Carolina issued driver’s license
  • An acceptable form of auto insurance proof
  • A notarized vehicle title
  • Lien paperwork if you are still paying on the vehicle
  • The Title Application
  • The Declaration of Eligible Risk
  • Damage Disclosure Statement
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Bill of sale

The fees that you will have to pay during this process are as follows:

  • The Certificate of Title will cost $52
  • An instant title will cost $98
  • The Regional Transportation Authority tax is $5
  • The plate transfer will be $20
  • The highway use tax is 3%

You will have to get valid insurance and insurance cards for the vehicle in question before being able to get it registered. Be sure to visit the North Carolina DMV website to get more information on this process.

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