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Once I turn the sync button on for the ac how do I turn it off? I pressed the button but it wouldn’t turn the feature off.
The SYNC feature links all climate zone settings to the driver settings. Adjusting the driver side temperature control changes the linked temperature. When the passenger settings are adjusted, the temperatures are unlinked and the SYNC indicator will turn off. Please...
Movement of floor mat when turning steering wheel
Occasionally, brake pads may develop a small bit of dew in the mornings depending on where you live. The dew will produce surface rust on the brake rotors overnight. Over the first couple of applications of the brakes when you...
Radiator constantly losing coolant but no leak!
Your vehicle is new and thus still under the manufacturer's new car warranty. If you believe a defect exists, you should promptly return the car to the dealer and they will investigate and repair the issue as needed at no...
Manual transmission does nothing in 3rd or 4th
The transmission must have something broke inside the transmission like a shift fork.
Tire Pressure
Tire pressure is measured and set when the tire is stone cold. However, cold tire pressure tire, once set when the tire is at a specific ambient temperature, will go on to vary up and down as ambient temperature goes...
My car doesn’t accelerate past 60mph in 5th gear while in tiptronic mode
Your vehicle has 6 forward gear selections. If you shift into 6th gear, will the car accelerate past 60 MPH? If so, it is possible that the transmission control module is programmed such that a maximum RPM cannot be exceeded...
Nissan 2018 cannot be started. The steering wheel is locked even after turning the steering wheel from left to right
Inasmuch as your car is new, the dealer will give you the fastest resolution and likely over the phone, too, unless there is an actual malfunction. A second possibility is use the starting instructions (which will include unlocking the steering...
Interior scratches on CD player screen, climate control screen and...
First you should not use a microfiber cloth and only a soft tissue or cloth that will not scratch plastic. You will need to not use any cleaning products that are not safe to use on plastics. Think of cleaning...
Heater not heating properly when temperatures below freezing outside
The heated seats and steering will take longer in colder weather to get warm. It is not designed to get too hot. The engine heater relies on the engine getting warmed up since it uses engine cooling system for the...
Many oil questions
You can use 5w20, 5w30 or 10w30 oils in this engine. The lower numbers are for colder climates or winter months use 5w20.
How do I get into the trunk through a access point
Hi Rickie. Thanks for contacting us today. Since your car is brand new, your best bet is to contact the dealership where you purchased the vehicle, so they can provide you with the correct access points or procedures.
Why cant i find blinker fluid at any of the auto parts stores i have drove to several stores and they all seem to be out,
Hi John. Thanks for the question. Mercedes-Benz blinker fluid is usually located next to the flux capacitor or in the muffler bearing isle at most auto parts stores.
I am looking for the blow off valve on a 2018 jetta 1.4 tsi
Blow off valves or blow by valves are typically located on the turbocharger itself. I would recommend searching for this particular part near or on the engine's turbocharger.

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