Movement of floor mat when turning steering wheel

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Greetings! My driver floor mat seems to be turning in a clicking motion when I turn my steering wheel fully to the left or right. This happens even if I turn a little bit but not as noticeable. I do have a rubber winter floor mat on top of my regular mat. It doesn’t happen always usually when car is cold or in the mornings. Also, in the mornings my car brakes make a grinding sound whenever I brake and this is not a squealing sound. It’s a grinding sound. My brakes are new and not worn since my car only has 4000 miles on it and is 2018. It seems to be coming from the rear tires whenever I brake. I don’t know why because my brakes are only 2 in the front but still not sure if it’s the front or rear brakes. Could this have something to do? Brake grinding noises go away after a couple of miles of driving. Plz help thx

My car has 4100 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Occasionally, brake pads may develop a small bit of dew in the mornings depending on where you live. The dew will produce surface rust on the brake rotors overnight. Over the first couple of applications of the brakes when you drive in the mornings, you will hear the rust being sheared off. This is very normal and is not a cause for concern.

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