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Can't find the Intake air temperature sensor so i can replace it
Hi Jason. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Since we are unable to attach any documents to this platform, we are unable to provide you with a diagram to review to find the location of this sensor. The best way to...
Does my 1991 toyota Camry actually have an intake air temperature sensor and if not why do I only get that code?
Check inside the air filter housing and if it is not there then it is built into the mass air sensor on this model.
Wont start or stay started
Hi Max. Thanks for sending your question tonight. Some of the usual suspects in a situation like this would include a faulty throttle body, fuel filter installed backwards, clogged fuel injectors, faulty mass air flow sensor, EGR valve that is...
I have a bad idle when the car heats up, it goes into drive and then shakes whenever I stop. The maf and iMac have been cleaned.
The causes of rough idle and poor operation include vacuum leaks and EGR system faults, a faulty idle air control (IAC) valve or circuit, faults in the fuel pump control circuit, defective spark plug(s) or ignition system components, faulty fuel...
Car Intermittently Stalls
A scan tool with real time capability needs to be applied to view actual engine operating parameters during these incidents of reduced power. Among common possibilities for loss of power are throttle body faults (electronic throttle controls, mass airflow sensor,...
Car cranks over about 4 times and then acts like it hydrolock but there no spark plugs in the cylinder
If the engine has been rebuilt, and you are attempting to start it for the first time, be sure you have pressurized it with oil. Normally, you cannot have continued cranking with a rebuilt engine as that will cause bearing...
Hard to turn steering wheel sometimes and makes an awful screech sound
Hi Much. Thanks for contacting us today. With an older car, it's likely that your power steering pump either has a leak, is imply low on power steering fluid or needs to be replaced. You might want to start by...
my 2003 ford focus needs a block
According to the on-line Ford parts catalog, the bare blocks in the two models years (2000 versus 2003), as well as the short blocks, are identical. By identical I mean the Ford part numbers are the same for both model...
Attempting to start the car makes a loud grinding noise and will evertually start after 10+ tries. What do you think I need?
The problem sounds like you have a starter issue and would need to have the starter removed and flywheel teeth checked for damaged and if okay then replace the starter.
car jerks when going slow
Hi Kendra. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several things that can cause a car to jerk, shake and vibrate. Some items are related to the engine, such as fuel or ignition system components that are dirty, faulty or...
2007 Dodge Caliber jerking motion while driving new crank and cam shaft as well as tune up and oil change what could be the proble
It is possible that an issue such as this would be associated with a check engine light. I would recommend having any trouble codes that are stored in your system read by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause...
Etc light comes on car starts sputtering revs at 2500 rpms at a dead stop already replaces pedal postioning sensor
An advanced scanner would reveal some diagnostic clues, if any codes were stored. With regard to Dodge models, reported fixes for ETC failures have included replacing the thermostat (the thermostat is electrically "linked" to the throttle control), cleaning or replacement...
Replaced radiator, thermostat,ect sensor, and cooling fan. Now no heat and the car is still running hot???
The lack of heat in the cabin means that either there is trapped air in the cooling system which blocks normal coolant circulation (and, as well, if air is trapped that can cause overheating) or the heater control valve is...
When I turn right I hear some noise coming from the driver side wheel
Actually, you should hope it is a CV axle problem because replacing the axle is a more straightforward repair than if the fault is in, for example, the steering rack. CV axles are not difficult to replace. If it is...
I have a Mazda 3 2.0 that shuts off after installing a new alternator and battery?
If you disconnect a car battery while the vehicle engine is running, you can fry the PCM, and other electronic modules on the vehicle, due to the resulting voltage excursion. The battery is a large resistive load and voltage on...
Stutters in low gears then drives fine after it reaches 20-25 mph.
Sounds like you have an ignition misfire and should have computer scanned to see if it identifies the cylinder with the misfire and then replace that coil and plug to see if it corrects condition.
Car won't start after battery was plugged in and whilst changing thermostat, something sparked and the car won't start.
If the screeching noise is from the starter motor, that should be investigated and resolved first, although even a noisy starter can potentially turn an engine over fast enough to get it started. In any event, the screeching noise should...
Head gasket or thermostatic car over heating 2013 Dodge Dart sxt 2.0
A faulty head gasket is not a common cause of overheating. The cooling system thermostat, or another issue, is much more likely. In any event, once a diagnostic is performed you will know the exact cause of the overheating. The...
I installed a brand new alternator and now the belt won't spin when it did before why is this
If the engine is running, but the belt is not turning, the drive belt tension is inadequate, the belt routing is incorrect and/or other rotating elements (pulleys, etc.) in the serpentine belt circuit are seized. If you request serpentine belt...

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