Q: Interior scratches on CD player screen, climate control screen and...

asked by on January 03, 2018

Hi there! Just gota brand-new 2018 Hyundai Elantra & when I wipe-clean the front ac/heater climate control screen, Transmission screen (The screen that shows P,R,N,D), speedometer screen, or basically any screen which is made from glass/hard plastic material, I scratch it! Although I use a very high-quality microfibre cloth, it still scratches and these scratches drive me NUTS while driving in daytime! For exp when the sun reflects on my ac/heater temp control screen I can barely see the temperature shown on the heater temperature control screen and I can see nothing but scratches!! I can’t not clean my interior just not to scratch it, and second, if I clean it I’ll scratch it! So my question here is how can I first of all remove all the swirly scratch marks from the temp control screen? Please give me a good solution I’ll do anything because it is really driving me crazy! And if I could EVER get rid of the stubborn scratches, how can I safely clean it without scratching? Really sad :(

My car has 2100 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

First you should not use a microfiber cloth and only a soft tissue or cloth that will not scratch plastic. You will need to not use any cleaning products that are not safe to use on plastics. Think of cleaning your plastic lenses on glasses. You can use the same type of cleaning cloth. For the scratches you will need to see a professional detailer with experience with this or seek dealer assistance.

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