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Battery light and power steering going out for 2014 Toyota Camry
As a first step, the battery should be load tested to determine its condition. If the battery only has a marginal pass on the load test you should install a new battery to reduce diagnostic headaches. Once you have a...
Went into the store and car won’t start multiple warning came up
If the engine was not overheating when you turned it off, obviously it couldn't have subsequently overheated as it sat idle. So, the warning lights might simply be those that come on at "key on" when a bulb/system check is...
Battery dies when the car is parked
If the battery is discharging while the vehicle is "off", and/or where you have commanded all circuits "off", that means that there is a phantom load somewhere in the vehicle electrical system. A contributing factor could be a faulty charging...
Ignition problem
Most vehicles have an ignition switch actuator, or comparable device, and if that component fails, the symptom you describe is exactly what occurs. The diagnosis of this, and the likely part replacement, can be performed at your location. If you...
ECO Light
The green ECO light is designed to come on when the vehicle has reached it's optimum mileage per gallon of fuel burned. Many vehicles will use things like the speed of the vehicle, engine RPM's and throttle position to determine...
Nissan Rogue 2009 car stalls when it comes to a stop. It only happens when engine is warmed up. Idle RPM seems low and car shakes
Hi Chris. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In most cases, when a car stalls while slowing, it's due to a fuel delivery or mixture issue. This could be caused by a faulty fuel pump, damaged mass air flow sensor, O2...
Shaking while driving
Depending on what the cause of the drive shaft causing the vibration is, this may be a reasonable estimate or not. If the drive shaft is damaged or broken and needs to be replaced, this may impact the estimate. If...
Rattling sound coming from the wheel when turning.
You should have the axle outside CV joint checked to see if you have a bad axle. This is most common cause of noise on turns.
Hi Yourmechanic proffessionals. I have nissan Altima 2013 Car and recently I gave it for cleaning .after cleaning,I found that my
If the engine compartment was cleaned, perhaps with water, steam, or other methods a possibility is water or contaminant intrusion into critical electrical connectors and/or disturbed electrical connectors. That possibility might be conformed once the loss of power is traced...
check engine light soon
There are hundreds of different diagnostic trouble codes than could potentially cause the check engine light to illuminate. Sometimes the issue is as simple as an EVAP system malfunction such as a loose or defective gas cap. If you request...
advancetrac and car wont start
Traction control faults do not normally prevent a car from starting but it is possible that in your circumstance a "global" electrical problem is preventing the car from starting and the traction control warning lights are just an artifact (and...
What does it mean when it comes up on your dash Battery Saver Active
It is possible that your alternator maybe beginning to fail. I would recommend having them charge output of your alternator inspected by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly. Consider YourMechanic as inspection such as these can...
But what if we just had the water pump replaced
The advice depends on exactly what code was read and, of course, depends too on the results of subsequent tests that must be performed once a code is read. If you are referring to Code P0119 (or related codes, of...
At first my brakes lights went out. Not a fuse or bulb. Than it wouldn't start. We jumped the car and now it surging.
What you have described are possibly all electrical problems but it is not clear if they are interrelated, that is have a common cause. Initially, though, the battery should be load tested and the battery us faulty install a new...
best car battery
Hi Cesar. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several brands of car batteries that tend to last longer than most. Interstate, Optima and Duralast are among the best for cold cranking amps, which is really what makes a battery...
Car surges when driving started after battery was changed
The codes associated with the check engine light should be downloaded as those may inform the situation, that is explain the unexpected high idle and surging. Disconnecting the battery causes a loss of stored data relating to fuel trim and...
Reduced RPM after driving for 1 hour
You will need to have the computer scanned to find out the codes to get the reason for the engine going into failure limited throttle control. It may be due to the ABS system problem.
My timing belt broke and we retimed and replaced the belt. And it will crank and idle but when u put it in drive it won't go
If there was no loss of power prior to this incident, a possibility is the new timing belt is mispositioned. You can check for that indirectly by measuring intake vacuum at idle. If intake vacuum is below the low end...
Changed alternator, Charged battery, still won’t start.
If the blown fuse is in a circuit that powers the fuel system, ignition system, engine computer, or other important systems, yes such can prevent the car from starting. Fuses will typically blow due to faults in the circuit that...
I drive a 2012 Nissan Altima. I was driving uphill yesterday but I noticed a strange sound
It could be that the automatic transmission is either slipping or that it is staying in low gear. The car has enough miles on it to be having that sort of trouble. It's difficult to say anything specific from this...

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