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I have a 2006 cadillac cts 2.8L. Swapped the motor only after rocker arms a d other issues. I now have the motor in and it won't s
Hey Chris. Thanks for sending the question tonight. Unfortunately, anytime the OEM engine is replaced, it pretty much falls outside of our areas of expertise. We stick to providing advice on common repairs, maintenance and service recommendations for original OEM...
1986 4wd s10 blazer when driving loud popping or clicking or knocking noise coming from front of blazer on the left side noise is
With the information you gave there is not enough to give a correct diagnosis without hearing the noise in the front and the high idle may just be you need to relearn the idle after disconnecting the battery. Have a...
2002 vw passat. Car takes up to 10 attempts to start once it does finally start it runs fine, drives great no weird engine noises
The engine coolant temperature switch must be functioning to let the engine computer know that the car is cold and thus fuel injector pulse width must be greater to ease cold starts. If that switch is bad, that can account...
2006 Cadillac CTS, passenger side wheel hot and brakes feel more loose. Just had new pads and rotors 5 months ago. 40mi drive/day.
If one brake pad/rotor assembly is markedly overheated compared to the other side (for instance, driver side versus passenger side on same axle) that typically means the caliper and/or sliding pin in the torque plate are not moving freely and...
Car Stalls when warm.
If you have not replaced the fuel pump module then this will be the most common cause of the vehicle stalling when hot.
Car stalls when warm
This may be a sign of a faulty ignition coil. Ignition coils are coated with a varnish-like insulation that becomes brittle over time after being stretched then contracted repeatedly. The insulation develops small fractures that open when heated and close...
How much would it cost to fix my lifter
What you are describing sounds like the noise associated with hydraulic lifters which are a part of the valve train. In the mornings or when the engine is cold, the oil has had the chance, due to gravity to drain...
After changing many parts for maintenance recommended by my mechanic, car has a bad vibration when accelerating
Hi Paul. Thanks for sending the question tonight. To be honest, when wholesale replacement jobs like you've described are completed, multiple issues can be missed, incorrectly installed or even have compatibility issues that can lead to a vibration. If you...
So if i reprogram my key
Hi Glamy. Thanks for the question today. Yes - if you go to a dealership and ask them to reprogram your locks and provide you with a new reprogrammed key, then the old keys will be disabled.
I have a 1987 blazer s10 that drives for a while but then loses power, unless i restart the truck.
Hi Chris. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Typically, when a blown head gasket exists, it will impact virtually every engine system - so it's likely that this is the root issue for the other problems. To be honest, without repairing...
How much will it cost me to reprogram my keys?
Unfortunately programming keys in ignition is currently not provided as a service by your mechanic. I would recommend Consulting with a local dealership in your area to determine pricing on this particular service.
How to disable a key fob?
Hi Glamy. You really need to have the dealership reprogram the locks and your existing FOB key in order to disable the missing key. That's really the only way to correctly do this.
Q: Car stalls Randomly
You will need to have computer tested to see if it has codes for a sensor issue like a crank or cam sensor. If there is no sensor codes then the most common failures are the fuel pump module and...
car cracks but dies
Hi Jesus. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are several possibilities here, ranging from a loose or damaged vacuum line to dirty mass air flow sensor, worn injectors or ignition system components. Due to the fact that multiple issues could...
Q: Car Stalling randomly
This engine does not have a fuel pump module so the most common cause is the fuel pump in the fuel tank is going bad. When it heats up it is seizing and stalling the engine. Replace pump and filter....
2004 Volkswagen Passat 4 motion triangle with circular arrow with exclamation point.
This symbol is related to the traction control system in your vehicle. Your vehicle is equipped with wheel speed sensors at each of the four wheels which monitor wheel speed while relaying this information simultaneously to the ABS and traction...
when i break to slow down and or stop my battery light flickers
As the engine slows, the alternator slows, too. The output of the alternator should be tested as it might be marginal (i.e., too low) and that only becomes apparent at lower engine speeds. If you have a voltmeter, look for...
My car ran out of gas, and now it will not crank
Sounds like a series of unfortunate events. Cars made in this century have the fuel pumps in the tank. The fuel passes through the inside of the pump motor and serves to cool and lubricate the pump while it is...
Q: tranny
To modify this vehicle to manual transmission requires engine modifications as well as retrofit of the engine computer that was used for the manual transmission version of the vehicle. And, of course to change the engine computer means changes to...

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