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96 econoline 5.8 had starrter replaced and immediately no longer starting when warm
It is a coincidence. Obviously the component that is causing the problem is heat sensitive. That circumstance means that anything from a crankshaft position sensor to the ignition coil, and quite a few other components "in between", could be at...
Can you mix different engine oil?
You can mix synthetic and conventional (mineral) oil in any ratio that you desire. If you were told by anyone not to do that, simply ask him or her for the documentation, as published in a reputable automotive technology journal...
1996 corvette random misfire at highway speeds
A possibility is vacuum leaks around the intake. If the lobes on the camshaft are worn, that can cause a misfire and other inefficiencies as well. I would first check for a vacuum leak. If no leak, secondary firing patterns...
My car struggles to accelerate at times, especially after making a complete stop and attempting to accelerate.
Check engine compression and intake vacuum to first rule out possible mechanical problems such as stuck or leaking valves. Among the causes of poor acceleration are clogged fuel injectors and/or inadequate fuel pressure/volume. When an injector is clogged it can...
Mercedes Mercedes Benz 1996 won't start after overheating
If your vehicle will not start after it has overheated, it is possible that the head gasket is blown or the cylinder has been warped. This could cause a low compression issue. Engines will not start with low compression depending...
Are these two Ford Explorers engines compatible?
The base engine block is the same but the heads and timing components are all different. The two engine are not compatible enough to use parts from one engine to another. I would recommend selling the 1996 motor and getting...
I just replaced steering column in a '96 F150 and put ignition cylinder in from old column into new steering column but truck does
You need to recheck the proper installation of the ignition switch and since you have a clutch you need to make sure clutch switch is closing to allow the engine to crank over. The electrical ignition switch on the new...
As long as you did everything reverse of removal when installing the distributor, the distributor should fit in the same as the old one came out. If it is not fitting correctly I would make sure that nothing got jammed...
Ignition fuse keeps blowing
Hi Victor. It's likely that you have an electrical short - either in the wiring of the starter or ignition relay. I would double check your connections (especially grounds first) to see if this clears up your issue. If you...
96 Dodge halfton four by four .Rumble /vibration comes and goes just started two days ago .Caliper on passenger side is bad
Hi Joey. Thanks for sending in the question today. Typically, unless the vibration or rumble you are experiencing is happening during braking only, the worn rotor won't be the source. If it happens during acceleration, normal driving and braking, it's...
My husband replaced the water pump in our 1996 toyota corolla but it is still leaking! Why or what should he do?
There are only two reasons the water pump will leak after installing a new one. First the gasket was not cleaned off from engine side good and is not sealing at new gasket or new O-rings were not used. the...
My f150 xlt has a loud noise coming from under the truck when i drive the faster i go the louder it gets it feels like its gonna f
There may be many causes for noises and cannot tell what it is just by the description you are giving. I would suggest you do not drive the vehicle until having a mechanic like one from YourMechanic comes to you...
1996 Jeep Cherokee cranking but no spark
Hi Charlie. Thanks for sending in your question today. In cases where multiple parts have been replaced, more often than not, the starting problem is due to something incredibly small but vital - such as a loose ground wire or...
Rough idle/stalling
I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue. Consider YourMechanic as this can be done at your home or office.
Replaced clutch in 96 f150 4x4 now you have to shift as soon as you take off in 5th gear at 30mph
Hi Cassie. Thanks for contacting us today. This is typically caused by a clutch that is not properly adjusted either at the pedal, or internal. You might want to review this article to see if you missed a step in...
I have a 1996 toyota corolla changed the fuel pump and fuel stainer and he turns over trying to start but wont. Checked battery, s
Hi Cindy. Thanks for contacting us today. I am assuming that the fuel pump was replaced because it was diagnosed as being damaged. If this is the case and was the initial reason why the car would not start before...
Wheel wobbles when i hit a bump. Ive changed all tie rods, pitman arm, idle arm, and sway links.
You may have an issue with the wheel bearing or hub. A wheel bearing will usually fail due to pitting or small damage on the surface of the rollers or the bearing race. Both the surface of the rollers and...
The tire is shaking
The wheel tire assembly may be unbalanced, the wheel could be bent and/or the tire could be defective. Shaking on braking is often due to brake rotor defects. Contributing factors to shaking can be suspension wear and loose suspension parts....
Why would a water pump belt become loose on a semi truck?
This may happen for a number of reasons such as a loose tensioner pully or potentially a belt that may be stretched or worn out. I would sggest checking the tensioner pully first to be sure it is not loose,...

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