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My vehicle is idling at 1,500 rpms... why does this happen and should I be concerned?
High idle should be corrected as it will cause harsh transmission engagement, waste fuel, and make it difficult to stop the car as the engine surges ahead. High idle can be caused by a faulty idle air control valve (IAC...
Grinding/ scraping sound coming from I believe front right wheel. Checked brakes and pads on both front and back. All replaced
You should lift the wheels off the ground and spin each front wheel to see if there is looseness or noise from one of the wheels? If one wheel is noisey then remove wheel and inspect brakes for problems and...
I just replaced my starter and it isn't cranking
Hi Philippe. Thanks for submitting your question today. Unfortunately, without knowing exactly what you did during the installation or if the starter itself was the component causing the vehicle to not start initially, it's hard to tell you what you...
I replaced my starter and my car won't start. I think I did everything correctly, because it did start once.
Hi Philippe. Thanks for the question today and writing back. If you'd like to request an estimate to have one of our mobile mechanics come to your location and diagnose the root source of this hard starting issue, click this...
car keeps cutting off mid drive while accelerating and braking despite having changed the trottle body
Hi Stephanie. Thanks for contacting us today. While in most cases a damaged throttle body will exhibit these symptoms, it's just one piece to the fuel system puzzle. It's possible that additional fuel or ignition system components are also dirty...
I torqued the axle nut on my 1996 BMW 328i to the spec of an M3 and want to know if I may have damaged the axle in some way.
Hi Marvin. Thanks for contacting us today. The main cause of over-torquing is using an impact or air wrench. However, the majority of damage occurs when the torqued component is in use, develops heat then cools. In your situation, catching...
How long will it take my air mass flow sensor to wk right i have a 96 buick lesabre
Hi Dorian. Thanks for contacting us today. The mass air flow sensor itself is an on or off type of component, meaning it either works or it won't. It doesn't take time for the sensor to 'break in'. The issue...
96 Toyota Previa, replaced brake booster, master cylinder,no leaks or air in system, hard pedal eng off, eng on pedal goes to the
Hi Brian. Thanks for contacting us tonight. I would assume that the brake booster and master cylinder you've purchased is the right one for your vehicle, however, it's quite common for auto parts stores to provide the wrong replacement parts....
I just replaced my power steering on my 96 GMC Suburban
Many power steering pumps are remanufactured rather than brand new when purchased at a parts store. It is possible that the remanufactured pump was faulty and there was a quality control issue. It is also possible that the power steering...
Car overheated but is fine now
Hi Sajacous. Thanks for contacting us today. If the car initially overheated, then something is mechanically wrong with the coolant system or there is debris inside the coolant system that needs to be removed. The fact that you had a...
Ok my car is stalling while im drivin it. If I rev the gas up it will catch and continue to run. It also will die some times g
If getting oil and water in cylinder then it is a bad head gasket or cracked cylinder head. You will need to have a cylinder pressure test and compression test to determine if head gasket is blown and head would...
No ignition power accidentally crossed two wires and lost all power no crank no power to the starter or ignition
If you saw a visible short circuit (sparks), a fuse, circuit breaker and/or a fusible link could have opened. If none of that is relevant, it is likely there is either component damage or miswiring. What you have is an...
my ign fuze keeps burning out i put a new battery cable in and is still burning out the next day after i remove my ecu. im not sur
Hi Anthony. Thanks for contacting us today. A fuse will continually blow when there is an open circuit. Most of the time, this is due to an exposed wire that is grounding out somewhere. To correctly resolve this issue you'll...
I had to go over a curb after an 18-wheeler was trying to turn and was about to run me over. Now my transmission leaks. Can I fix
You will need to have the transmission pan and housing checked for damage and may need to replace the pan for the transmission.
Working on a 96’ Crown Vic rear axle shaft, the pin that goes in between the shafts will not go fully into the diff.
If the spider gears in the differential are in position the pin will drop right in. Try manipulating the position of the spider gears. Don't forget to insert the lock bolt. If you need assistance, please request service and the...
My car attempts to turn over but it won’t
If the problem is weak operation of the starter motor, or no operation at all, the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and...
My car just stop when I stop at red light or go down the speed but but it can restar after that
Idle speed may be too low but that in turn can be due to malfunctions in various control systems. Stalling at idle could be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs,...
I replace the fuel pump n filter n got a new battery it started right up n shut off n then started up for s second n shut off agai
This problem may be caused by the oil pressure switch or a computer theft system malfunction. I would recommend having the power to fuel pump from oil pressure switch checked first and replace switch if no power after it starts...
G23 swap into an ej8.
It can be done but there are a lot of issues with the regulatory/legal issues being the main constraint, not the technical/engineering issues. We have to get into all that because we can't advise you to do anything that we...

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