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Bleeding the brakes on a 98 dodge ram 2500 4wd 4 wheel abs. I read there are two valves that have to be bled off first?
You should first bleed the brakes normally and then hook up a DRB3 scanner and put ABS in bleed function to bleed out ABS system and then bleed system normally at each wheel again. Repeat as needed until all air...
can i use a fuel pump from a 06 1500 ram on a 04 2500 ram?
Based on the Dodge parts catalog, the two applications do NOT interchange. The 2006 Ram 1500 (5.7L) without the Mega Cab used pump part number RL104694AC. The 2006 with the Mega Cab used part number 5134554AE. In 2004, the Ram...
Trip odometer now showing in place of odometer, not sure if or what iI may have done. How do I get back to odometer? It is a 2008
Locate the odometer/trip odometer button which is to the immediate right of the fuel gauge. Press this button to toggle between the odometer and the trip odometer display. Holding the button in resets the trip odometer reading to zero when...
2005 dodge ram, clicking noise from selenoid when battery is connected, truck won't start and it's constant and drains the battery
There should only be power to the solenoid if the key is in the start position. If 12 volts are measured at the solenoid with no key in the ignition, there is a short circuit. If the solenoid is powered,...
The blinkers hazard and break lights quit working 2000 dodge 2500 Cummins
The brake lights and flasher or blinkers are on different circuits and you may have a problem with the main fuse box not supplying power to the fuses for those circuits. Check for power to all affected fuses to see...
Truck makes grinding noise when 4WD is engaged and put under load only.
Hello, thank you for writing in. Issues like this can be difficult to locate, because you need the vehicle to be under a similar load to recreate the noise. With that being said, you may have a vacuum issue causing...
Could my speed sensors on my 03 ram 2500 have anything to do with my throttle control light being on?
Hi There, Code P2100 relates to the throttle control actuator motor, which is a small motor that controls the opening and closing of the throttle. When this is not working properly, often times the engine RPM will struggle to increase...
95 Ram 2500 v10 code 25 short in fan wireing only have the fan that's rain by the engine idk where to start
It is possible that the electric fan is not easily visible or that you may have misread the code. I would recommend rereading the code and double checking for an electric fan on your truck. If there is an electric...
Engine Swap Dodge
Hi Tyler. What you are proposing would be considered a "wholesale change" of multiple components in order for it to work. Since the two engines are much different, a powered by different fuels (assuming your 2005 Ram is gasoline powered),...
I’ve done all the system checks relay starter fuses everything and I still can’t figure out why it won’t start
Using a voltmeter, check for battery voltage to the starter solenoid with the key held in the start position. If there is no voltage, you have to trace the starter motor circuit back to the power source. With a fully...
dont know if my tranny is shifting into overdrive and the torch converter not locking in or the orther way around
Gear selection, and coincident operating parameters (e.g., line pressure; solenoid position), on your transmission are easiest to see with a manufacturer scan tool. If and once it is determined that there is no lock-up, or no overdrive gear, the cause...
Need help with finding engine harness number.
Hi Austin. Thanks for writing in tonight. The best way to ensure you get the right engine harness is to contact your local Dodge dealership parts department. Give them your VIN number, and ask them for the part # for...
I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins engine automatic trans. Wanted to park and the transmission stayed in Neutral. But the shifte
You need to check the shifter cable where it connects to the transmission. The cable ends go bad and cable comes disconnected.
Installed cold-air intake on 2006 dodge ram 2500 diesel and now having issues when driving trying to shift up to 3rd gear.
If you have electrical wiring that is burnt then the computer may limit the transmission from shifting normally. I suggest fixing the wiring and coolant leaks and testing the computer for codes and clear codes and road test to see...
will go When I start but only for 30 sec then
It is possible that something could have gone wrong during the replacement of the transmission components. I would recommend retracing your steps to determine if anything may have gone wrong during the replacement. You could also consult with a qualified...
How can I tell if my hydro boost accumulator is causing my power steering/ brake issues of if it’s just s leaky line?
Hi Randall. Thanks for contacting us today. I think you have a few different issues that need to be individually diagnosed and resolved. Otherwise, you'll be chasing repairs like it appears is going on in this case. The power steering...
Hi Strapped. Thanks for contacting us today. Here are some facts about ECU's that need to be considered. First off, most repair shops don't have the ability to reprogram ECU's - as dealerships or very few specialists have access to...
2006 cummins 206k miles, engine shakes above 40mph. But stops if I let off gas
In a diesel, vibration is often caused by faults in fuel supply, mechanical faults (possibly causing uneven compression), unbalanced rotating components and, as a contributing factor, worn or loose motor mounts. To have the cause pinpointed in your circumstance, you...
Drove with parking brake on for 13 miles and when I got back realized it was on turned it off smoke coming from back tire
Hi Brianne. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's hard to say for certain whether or not your brakes are OK after this incident. If you notice any squealing noises from the rear end while driving or braking, or a vibration...
Does fan clutch sqeak
The fan clutch bearing and/or the pulley can be a source of squeaking noises however there are other pulleys and components in the belt circuit that could just as easily account for the noise and all off that should be...

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