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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Kia Rio
The Kia Rio has a new style and look for to attract buyers and compete in the subcompact car ranks. It offers outstanding fuel economy with great value that has a nice price...
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Related questions

Planning to buy a Kia Rio 2011, everything works great including transmission, but the fluid is black. Is that a big problem?
It sounds like the transmission has not been serviced at the correct intervals. It is possible that changing the transmission fluid would result in the transmission working just fine and having a long life. However considering that the transmission is...
After changing alternator why is my lights and brakes killing my engine in a 2001 Kia Rio
The most likely cause of this issue is a short between the fuel pump and the lighting circuit. If the lighting circuit is shorted out to the fuel pump circuit, when the lights are turned on this will cause the...
03 Kia Rio Cylinder 1 Misfire
Hi Kegan. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It certainly appears you have done a great job trying to diagnose this random misfire. The fact that there is slight damage inside the timing belt cover and that the marks are not...
2011 Kia Rio. AC, power windows, and wipers work fine in the morning when it's cooler outside, but not at all by midday.
Hi Joshua. Sometimes electrical glitches like this will be caused by faulty electrical relays as opposed to fuses. It's also possible that the control module for these accessories is overheating, especially if you live in a hot or humid area....
2003 Kia Rio, drove fine on the way to work. When I went to turn it on after work, it started shaking and making a bad clicking cr
Hi Jesse. Sometimes when an engine is running fine one minute, then starts to shake and vibrate, it's caused by a vacuum leak. The clicking noise could also be a serpentine belt that is starting to wear out as well,...
2014 Kia Rio suddenly got loud in the past week... it's really loud while accelerating on highway.
There are a number of things that could make an engine noisy. Depending on the specific type of sound you are referring to, this will determine how to properly diagnose. If there is a bit of a hissing sound, this...
My Clutch is loose and my car won't shift.
Hi Colburn. It's quite possible that the master or slave cylinder is the root source of your problem - as this is a common symptom associated with these components when damaged or leaking fluid. Abnormal pedal pressure is another symptom...
Q: Timing
Hi Jo. Thanks for contacting us today. Assuming that no internal damage occurred to your motor when the timing belt broke, you've manually set the ignition timing and everything is correctly installed, the only thing I could suggest is to...
Car will not start new battery
You will need to have battery fully charged and then have charging system tested. If jump starting the car does not let the engine start then you may have a starter or theft system problem and would need further tests...
How much is it to replace the clutch?
So long as the gears shift smoothly ALL the time and the clutch functions as it has in the past, it is safe to drive the car. A caveat, though, is if you wait too long to service the clutch,...
Is it bad that I put 10w40 in my engine that takes 5w30?
Your vehicle does not use 5W-30 oil. The recommended oil viscosity for your vehicle, according to Kia documentation, is 10W-40. If you drive the vehicle in exceptionally cold weather, well below 32 degrees, you can use 5W-30 oil but even...
Sitting at a light this morning my car began to sputter and the CEL began to flash. Before the light turned green, it all stopped
Hi J P. Thanks for contacting us today. When an inconsistent issue like you've described occurs, I can be very difficult to pinpoint and isolate the root issue; without being able to replicate the symptom during an on-site inspection. Since...
my car wouldn't start and found out my battery was 5 years old so got a new battery. now having the same issue a couple days later
Hi Haley. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When a battery dies quickly, it is often caused by a malfunction of the battery charging system. The alternator is responsible for this task, but there are other parts like the battery temperature...
While driving my car wasn’t accelerating pulled over then when I tried to start it again it just made a click/clunk noise
It sounds like you may have broke a timing belt. If you did then you may have bent the valves and caused major engine damage to the cylinder head due to bent valves. If the timing belt did not break...
Car over heated Putin anti freeze cut the car off now won’t crank
Hi Cheryl. Thanks for contacting us today. Unfortunately, when a vehicle overheats, it can cause a lot of damage to an engine. Without knowing the extent of the overheating, it's hard to tell you why the car will not start...
Car died at red light and wont start after replacing timing belt and spark plugs in 2006 kia rio.
Hi Kelly. Thanks for contacting us today. I'm a bit confused by some of the statements in your question. I'm curious how the replacement spark plugs were worse than the old ones? Did you install used spark plugs? If so,...
Check engine light flashed 10 times then went off when car was started
Generally, the check engine light comes on when something fairly serious is going on with the vehicle. This can happen for many different reasons such as a faulty mass air flow sensor, a faulty O2 sensor, a bad catalytic converter,...
my check engine, tire pressure, electric power steering, abs, and passenger airbag lights are all on
You will need to have all the systems scanned for codes to see if there is one or more different problems. You may have a problem with rear wheel bearing or brakes causing problems. The airbag light may be a...
My oil cap fell off going down the road, now the car smokes when i turn it on. Any particular areas i need to clean off?
Hi James. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically, when oil splatters over the engine bay, it goes everywhere. So, until it's cleaned completely, it's going to continually smoke until the oil has burned off. So, in cases like this, it's...
I am due for a timing belt/ water pump change, and my car has an interference engine. Is the dealer a safer bet to do the work?
You could use the dealer or outside shop or mechanic and just request dealer parts be used. We guarantee the work just like the dealer and just because you go to the dealer does not mean the work is done...

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