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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2010 Dodge Viper
2010 was the last production year for the Dodge Viper before it took an extended leave of absence from the automaker’s lineup. It would debut once more in 2013. The 2010 Dodge Viper is a...
2010 Hyundai Santa Fe vs. 2010 Kia Rondo: Which One Should I Buy?
There are two different classes of vehicle represented here: the 2WD SUV in the Santa Fe and the mid-size station wagon or crossover SUV in the Kia Rondo. The difference between these two classes may seem slight, but...

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I have a 2010 Toyota Highlander and it’s making a rattling sound under the hood. It’s louder when idle. What could this be?
Louder at idle is a concern. At idle, oil pressure is at its lowest which particularly impacts the valve train. If the issue is not "within" the engine, other possibilities are the circuit of accessories that are driven by the...
2010 ford mustang gt dies when stopped
Stalling at idle could be due to a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark plugs, wires or defective ignition coil(s), inadequate fuel delivery or pressure (clogged fuel filter, injectors, faulty fuel pump or pump...
Passenger mirror replaced
To obtain the requested quote, please visit YourMechanic’s door mirror replacement service page. Once on that page, click on "Get a Quote" and enter your vehicle information (year, make, model). You are welcome to buy your own parts and book...
My Buick LaCrosse won’t start, the ignition starts but the engine doesn’t run
If the engine turns over rapidly, as usual, but it won't catch and run, there is usually a problem in the fuel or ignition system. There are some basic tests that you can perform to check for spark and fuel...
My car got hit on the back side the tire in bent inwards
Hi Rocio. Thanks for contacting us today. It really depends on what damage has occurred and caused your tire issue that would determine the repair. In most cases, when it's impacted by another car, the strut and strut mount is...
The radiator fan only turns on when heater fan is turned on, why? The car is a 2010 Honda accord
You may have a bad coolant fan switch in the radiator that controls the fan. The fan will come on when a/c is turned on also and is normal. Have coolant fan switch replaced and see if this repairs problem....
I had a oil change about 3 weeks ago and now my change engine oil light is on I have a 2010 GMC Terrain any reason why it's doing
If the oil change occurred before the reminder light came on, but the oil life system was not reset at the time of that oil change, what you are seeing now might just simply be the "reminder" to perform an...
My 2010 kia optima Lx wont shift unto second gear n wen i press the brakes to stop its like my motor rise up
A possibility is a shift solenoid failure. If shift points in your transmission are, in part, determined by a vehicle speed sensor and/or the electronic throttle, another possibility is there are malfunctions in those components. There is a software update...
I unplugged a line from the inter cooler on my 2010 mustang and pressured air shot out of it I don’t know what it is
The intercooler should have compressed air in it as that air is delivered by the Turbo for cooling in the intercooler. If you are trying to diagnose an intercooler or turbo failure, or simply re-assemble the system, you can request...
I got hit from the rear side by the passenger door and now my wheel is bent will is leaning in and I can't drive it
Hi Anthony. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If you were in an accident, you should probably contact your insurance company first to ask them what their process is for diagnosing damage and completing repairs. Since we don't offer mechanical repairs...
Problems after transmission put in
Check to see if there is warranty coverage on the work that was performed. It is not clear if the issue is the engine jerking or the transmission jerking, or both. The noise, of course, is a clear indication of...
when i turn my fog lights on there is no indicator of it being on and my fog lights wont turn on
Hi Raeven. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are a few possible reasons why the fog lights are not working. The first and most common source would be a burned fuse or electrical relay. The second possible reason would be...
Car won’t start after changing the battery
It is possible that the Hybrid battery itself was damaged when the vehicle was left with the lights on overnight. I would recommend having the Hybrid battery inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient and Hybrid battery Diagnostics to...
car seems weakand turns off when i stop. i have replaced the battery and alternator
The engine is stalling but until a diagnostic is performed it will not be clear if the stalling is due to a "global" electrical problem, perhaps related to this battery/alternator issue you have had (or they claimed you had) or...
Hello. Just had a cat converter replaced yesterday, car drove fine on the way back home from the shop, drove to work ok, leaving w
Starters require a lot more current than interior lights and so it is possible that the battery is simply faulty. The battery should be load tested. If the battery passes the load test, yet the starter motor does not function,...
Car doesn't crank after Tcm swap
The TCM has to be programmed to match your vehicle. Mechanics who have a GM bi-directional scan tool, or other appropriate GM programming tools and software, can perform that service for you. To determine availability of the programming service in...
Low rpms at idle and vibration, car running sluggish
Hi there. Thanks for contacting us today. The problem with trying to diagnose that is inconsistent like you've described is that it's incredibly difficult because, in all honesty, nothing is likely "broken". It's more than possible that a few components...
Car grinding and jerking
Check the fluid level (and fluid condition) in the transmission to be sure the fluid level is not too high or too low. The jerking could be transmission or engine related. If the noise is coming from the transmission, and...
axle issue
The noise you get when you try to put it in park is the parking pawl trying to engage while the transmission is turning. It's clear that either the axle has failed, or it has become disconnected somehow. It could...
2010 Mercedes C300. Car will start, but steering wheel is locked and red battery light is on dashboard
The battery warning light signifies an electrical problem and such could be in the battery, the alternator, the charging circuit or possibly (but less likely) elsewhere in the vehicle electrical system. There might be a relationship between the warning light...

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