Q: Low rpms at idle and vibration, car running sluggish

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My car has a low idle at 500rpms when I'm at a complete stop like for example at a red light, and usually it's a bit closer to 1000rpms Also my car is running a bit sluggish, basically not running like it use to. also when starting the car when warm car drops under 500 rpms and makes the sound like it wants to stall. I took my car to two different dealerships, I had them check the engine, transmission, and fuel system and they said everything is normal, when I know is not. So any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

My car has 105600 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Thanks for contacting us today. The problem with trying to diagnose that is inconsistent like you’ve described is that it’s incredibly difficult because, in all honesty, nothing is likely "broken". It’s more than possible that a few components like fuel injectors, mass air flow sensor, fuel filter and air filter are simply dirty and need to be either cleaned or replaced. Any other mechanical issues would likely trigger an error code that the dealership would have found during their inspection.

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