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Car does not engage drive when cold, after it warms up shift into drive with no problem. No grinding ect.
The oil pump in your transmission is probably worn out. The oil pump produces the hydraulic pressure that the transmission uses to engage the forward clutch. As the transmission warms up and some of the clearances tighten up, there is...
I have a similar issue with my 1961 Mercury M100 (basically a F100) with a 6 cylinder 223 engine. Engine starts right up and
Hi Hector. Thanks for contacting us today. Issues like you have described can be caused by multiple issues, ranging from debris trapped in the fuel system or fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator or dirty fuel filter. A dirty air filter...
61 ford Galaxie with 390. Low rpm, car backfires no power and stalls. Fine at freeway speeds.
Backfiring is often caused by a too lean or too rich air-to-fuel ratio although a few other causes are discussed below. A backfire in the intake manifold is caused by a ratio that is too lean (not enough fuel). A...
Motor runs hot and belts squeal
I first would check the belts to see if they are loose or belts are glazed? If they are loose or glazed then replace the belts and turn water pump to see if you feel any binding then replace water...

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