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2005 mercury mariner freon wont go in y suggestions
If the system is low on refrigerant, the compressor has to be operational in order to successfully re-charge the system. First use pressure gauges to see if there is any existing charge. If there is some refrigerant and yet introducing...
Car will start and go to gear but only revs up but won't move
This problem is going to be an internal transmission front pump not pumping enough pressure or the clutches are bad in the transmission. I recommend having a transmission mechanic test the transmission for solenoid and pressure problems and recommend further...
Car car is leaking gas. Engine light stays on and now says check fuel inlet. How much and how long will this take to fix
Leaking gasoline is a fire/explosion hazard so be sure to have this leak repaired at your earliest convenience. In the meantime, be sure not to park in a confined space, such as a garage, because gasoline vapors could accumulate and...
I have a 2007 mercury mariner. When up to speed it seems fine. When you go from park to reverse or drive there is a whinny noise a
What you are describing sounds like a dirty or failing idle air control valve. The idle air control valve monitors the air intake as it is mixed with fuel prior to being injected into the engine at low speeds and...
AC clicking..only working on certain settings...now car not turning over...just the clicking. Mercury Mariner 2008
The problem you describe with the A/C system and the present no start are almost undoubtedly not related. Obviously, resolve the no start first as the engine must be running to diagnose most A/C system faults. An initial possibility is...
rusted out subframe to point where inside is exposed on Mercury Mariner Hybrid 2007
Of course, be sure you have no recourse through the warranty or any other written/contractual agreement you had with the seller. If you have to pay out of pocket, this type of repair can be performed on a mobile basis,...
My car just started making a loud noise last night when I push the gas and I can feel it under my feet. Is it a muffler problem?
You should have the exhaust system checked since you just had work done recently something in the repairs done may have come loose. Look under vehicle first to see if anything is hanging down so you cannot drive it. If...
Was wondering how much a transmission would roughly cost for my 2008 mercury mariner 2.3L I-4 engine 4cylin.
Hi Jacob. A refurbished & rebuilt transmission for these vehicles can cost roughly $1,500 in most cases, plus about $600 or more for installation. I would be wary based on the fact that the mechanic did not provide you with...
I have a 2009 mercury mountaineer the gas is leaking from by car only when i first put gas in it how so I fix it
This is likely related to your EVAP emissions system and something called a purge valve solenoid. The EVAP system prevents fuel vapors from the fuel tank from escaping into the atmosphere. The EVAP system collects and temporarily stores the fuel...
Shuddering with antitheft light
Hi Amanda. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Although the security light is coming on around the same time as the vibration - I'm not 100% certain that this is related. The type of vibration you're describing is often caused by...
Abs prom help!
Claimed by Kevin Gainer
Hello, Dave I have a 2006 mercury mariner it just started as of last week releasing thick smoke from the exhaust I'm no profession
The head gaskets along with the cylinder heads may be cracked if you overheated the engine bad. The costs will vary depending on the problems found after the heads are removed.
I have a 05 mercury mariner all wheel drive it will crank and run but wont move in any gear
Hi Carrie. Thanks for contacting us today. In most cases, when you have difficulty shifting a vehicle into a gear, it's caused by one of three possible sources; damage to the shift linkage, a faulty shift solenoid, or internal transmission...
I got an new gas tank for my car it's a 2009 mercury Marnier what's the name of the canister part above the gas tank
Hi Heather. Thanks for contacting us tonight. I think the part you are referring to is the EVAP vapor canister. Although you should refer to your service and repair manual for the exact steps to remove and install, this article...
I just got a new gas tank 4 my car. It's a easy fuel so has no gas cap my check fuel inlet light came on how do I fix it can it da
It is possible that you got the wrong fuel tank for the vehicle. I would cross reference the part numbers to verify that the correct tank was installed.
I just got a new gas tank for my car. The old one was cracked leaking gas and engine light was one. I have a cap less easy fuel ta
Your new tank will not be damaged. There could be a vapor leak, due to a poor connection, in the EVAP system. However, inasmuch as the fuel system was open as you carried out the repair, which creates the possibility...
Q: Check fuel inlet
It sounds like you may have an issue with the tank venting properly. I would suggest having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at the vehicle to properly diagnose and repair.
my son has spun the bearings in his 2006 Mercury Mariner, what engines are compatible for a swap
Unless you want a real hard engine swap you should only use the same year engine. If you do not then you may have sensors and wire harness connection issues.
Battery light on, don't have power steering in D but have in R, AC not cold, white smoke ? other day smelled sweet.
You may have a coolant leak. That can be determined if you request a coolant leak diagnostic. There was a recall for quite a few Ford vehicles, including your model, to rectify a fault with the electric power steering system....
Car stalled while driving and slipped a couple of times recently. Rebulit transmission done 10 months ago due to bad torque
It's more likely that the engine is stalling due to a fuel, ignition, or sensor problem. If you suspect the torque converter as a cause of stalling you can get an "indication" of that possibility by raising engine speed to...

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