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Car stalls when engine in reverse, drive or turning steering wheel all the way
This may be a sign of a faulty MAP sensor as the vehicle responds adversely to a load put on the motor (i.e. putting it in gear, making turns (which makes use of the power steering pressure switch) turning on...
wondering if I can fix a leaky Quick Connect at the clutch slave with a hose and hose clamps.
The pressure in the line is probably in the range of 150 to 300 PSI. If you were to use hose rated for 400 PSI it would work. As far as the terminations, though, steel hose clamps are not approved...
Out of nowhere the engine light starts to blink and car shakes hard then loses complete power and won't start back up.
Hi Shannon. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are many possible reasons why your Explorer is having this problem including an alternator failure, a crankshaft or cam position sensor failure, ignition relay or even a damaged starter or starter relay....
Does a Ford Explorer four-wheel drive 6-cylinder engine differ from that of a two-wheel drive?
The engines are the same. Just to be 100% certain, I compared the part number for the 4x4 short block to that of the 2WD short block and the numbers are the same.

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