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I went through a puddle that was deeper than I thought. Now every time I accelerate there is a water/grinding sound 2015 dodgeDart
The A/C system evaporator case would only be flooded if the water on the roadway rose way above the door sills on your car. Even if water entered through the condensate drain on the lower exterior of the vehicle, that...
I'm looking to buy a fiat; want to know if it's a reliable car that is cost effective as well.
In evaluating the wisdom of buying a particular model of car (used or new), consult the database of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA. The NHTSA database contains model specific consumer complaints, official recalls and factory service bulletins searchable...
I have a 2015 ford transit 350xlt. My instrumental cluster turns off and on multiple times while driving .what could it be?
Sometimes this can happen when the alternator is beginning to fail. It is also possible that there is a short in the electrical system. I would recommend having your instrument cluster inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient in...
Light with car squiggly lines Is on.
The failure icon is caused by a problem with the traction control and will need to have transmission and ABS checked to see if there is stored codes for a sensor or component failure before a diagnosis can be made....
Car shaking/vibrating on right side while accelerating or at a constant speed
If there is no vibration in the steering wheel, the origin of the vibration/shaking is unlikely to be front tires, wheels, or suspension. Vibration felt through the floorboard (or gas pedal in your case) is usually due to tire imbalance,...
Could a bad oil change cause a faulty alternator and battery a year later?
The only components that are opened during an oil change, and thus could even potentially leak if not subsequently "closed" properly, are the drain plug on the bottom of the engine, the oil filter, and the filler cap on the...
why does the mouse pad that also controls the car system stop working most times?
Problems with the touchpad are occasionally reported on Mercedes Benz models and other cars as well. The touchpad membrane is probably just defective but there could be additional issues as well if the unit is not even powering on. We...
I am currently looking at a 2015 Audi A4 is there any way someone could come inspect it before I buy.
Inspection service is available in Hillside, NJ. To request an inspection, please schedule via YourMechanic's pre-purchase vehicle inspection service page. An inspection of the specific vehicle you want to purchase, carried out by a certified Mechanic, dispatched to your location,...
My 2015 Kia Optima is shaking when coming to a stop
Hi Ericka. Thanks for contacting us tonight. In most cases, when a car's engine shakes when you come to a stop, it's caused by either a vacuum leak, a dirty throttle body or fuel injectors that are clogged with carbon...
I got a question.. can you remove the cdv on an automatic transmission, if so what are the pros and cons of the delete?
Only manual transmissions are equipped with clutch delay valves in the clutch actuating mechanism. On automatic transmission equipped vehicles such as yours, shift points, rate of engagement of the clutch and applied line pressure are all controlled electronically. To modify...
My 2015 Navigator won’t allow me to select the front or rear park aid. It’s not highlighted so I can not check it to turn it on. A
Your vehicle uses Ford's "MyKey". If Park Aid is presently on (if the feature is working), you might be using a programmed "MyKey" that renders this feature "non-configurable", that is you cannot select it (on or off) with the key...
Car died after driving on hwy, ticking noise, headlights no work, after 30 min started still noise when accelerating want to stall
Without hearing the noise you are getting it would be hard to give a diagnosis. You may want to make sure it is full of oil and coolant and do not recommend driving vehicle until a mechanic like one from...
I replaced wheel speed sensor. But abs and engine light still kn. What could it be
If the ABS wheel speed sensor was faulty, once the new hub/sensor is installed, and you drive the vehicle, the warning lights should go out. To determine what is going on, you can manually erase the trouble codes using an...
I’m barely giving any gas and my rpms rev high and car won’t shift up, what could be the problem?
The problem may be internal issue with transmission and you will need to have the transmission system scanned for failure codes and may be a sensor or mechanical issue with transmission.
can i put an after market battery in 2015 Elantra
Arguably, you should never use the dealer supplied battery simply because there are no independent laboratory test results documenting the quality of those batteries. To select a high quality battery, read the relevant issue of "Consumer Reports" wherein they report...
my 2015 versa (CVT) squeals when i accelerate what could this be? dealer says this is normal. I dont believe it.
CVT's in some cases have proven to be noisy, or at least manifest noises that are different and more bothersome than what the motoring public has become accustomed to with conventional transmissions. What the dealer might mean by normal is,...
2015 Ford Focus, transmission overheating light comes on
If you are getting a message stating that your transmission is overheating, I would strongly recommend checking the transmission fluid level. A low transmission fluid level could cause the transmission to overheat and even malfunction. If you find that your...
Car turned off on drive and won't turn back on
Thank you for your question. The rack and pinion steering gear unit on your vehicle is bolted to the frame of the vehicle. There is no connection between the steering gear and your vehicle's transmission. Your car uses an electronic...
My trunk light won't come on even though the bulb works and I have power. Does the light come on through the ground? Where?
The trunk light is controlled by switching the connection to the body ground. The switch will either be visible in the margin of the trunk lid, as a plunger type switch, or it may be in that trunk latch assembly...
Broken headlight cover Hyundai Sonata
The outer shell is not vended separately and there is no repair procedure for the type of damage that you have described, at least not any that will create a properly functioning luminaire. Consequently, your only option is to replace...

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