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Related questions

I notice a buring smell sometimes when I drive an a leak as well after I park my car could this be a oil leak
Yes, the odor could be due to an oil leak. Sometimes, oil will leak onto a hot engine part, such as the exhaust manifold, and you will notice a marked odor in that case. If you desire, a certified Mechanic,...
Q: oil leak
Claimed by Jeff Engstrom
Windshield wipers won't turn off dodge charger
The switch or relay in the circuit is likely stuck on, even though you have commanded the circuit off. To resolve something like this, a circuit trace must be performed. If you want the required diagnostic steps performed by a...
Car over heating it blows steam and then over heats boiling
Check the heater hose connections at the rear drivers side of engine for leaks. The plastic fitting breaks and leaks out coolant. If this is okay and no external leaks are found then you may have a blown head gasket...
Leaking gas
Claimed by Jeff Engstrom
I hit a hole with my passenger front tire and now it vibrates and makes noise. It’s hard to pick up speed bc of tire when going up
The wheel and/tire may be damaged. There is also a possibility that the wheel/tire assembly has become unbalanced due to the impact. Extreme impacts can also damage the wheel bearing and suspension components. All of these possibilities will have to...
I have an 08 dodge charger 2.7l. I changed my water pump, reset my timing chain (used timing marks) but now engine won't start. Th
If the check engine light is on, codes were stored. As an initial step, those codes should be read as they may have essential clues to what is going on. To have the codes read, and the no start resolved,...
My car has a throttle position sensor issue so I replaced the entire throttle body and the light came back on. Any ideas?
There is a relearn/calibration procedure that is typically performed whenever the throttle position sensor is replaced. If that procedure was not performed, it might be relevant in your case. The code (P0121) that you are referring to implicates not just...
The esp/bas light and abs light came on along with my tc light, what does this mean.
The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Brake Assist System (BAS) work together and are also interlinked with the traction control and ABS systems. A fault in any of these systems could potentially cause all the warning lights to illuminate but...
front driver tire area makes rattling noises when driving over any size bump or whole on the road
Rattling noises in the front suspension could be due to strut faults, loose bushings, a loose sway bar or links, or any other suspension component that is no longer tightly secured to the frame. Another possibility is loose brake parts...
P0128 code
Hi Sohn. Thanks for contacting us tonight. I think the best way to proceed is for you to contact our sales and service department directly, so they can review the exact repairs and notes left by the previous mobile mechanic....
Q: Brake rotors
If the calipers are not removed from the vehicle, that is if the hoses remain connected to the calipers, then there is no need to bleed the brakes. However, you will need to retract the pistons into the calipers in...
I have a 2006 dodge charger and there is oil in the water pump what can it be
Oil can leak into the cooling system from the head gasket, through cracks in the head or block and at other points depending on the design of the engine. The coolant will only boil if the radiator pressure cap is...
Where is the camshaft position sensor locate on dodge charger 3.6l 2011
The camshaft position sensor is near the thermostat and radiator hose. You will see a small black plug with wires going into it. If you need additional help with replacing this, please contact our service department to schedule a repair....
i got coode p000b on my 2011 charger bank 1 sensor 2 what part should i get for this
Before replacing any parts on your vehicle I would recommend having your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of the check engine light. Although the check engine light code mentions an O2 sensor, this can...
I bought a new battery 900 cold amp for my 2013 Dodge Charger, but the battery saver mode alert keeps coming on shutting down both
Your car is fairy new and the miles are not that high so the alternator would normally not be faulty so soon. Nevertheless, if the battery light is coming on, among the principal components to test is the alternator. Output...
My 2006 Dodge Charger failed emissions twice. The first time for MIL Command status and second time for KOER Result
The underlying fault depends on exactly which codes have been stored by your vehicle's OBD-II system. Those codes can be downloaded using a hand-held scanner but then each code has to be separately diagnosed, that is parts have to be...
If the engine is seized will the dashboard, radio and lights still work?
If there is no oil in the engine and it will not turn over then you may have seized it. The only way to know is to manually turn the crankshaft to see if it is seized or there is...
What does it mean when abs and traction light are on and gear a grinding noise when I apply the brakes
Hi Mauricio. Thanks for contacting us tonight. If the grinding noise is still occurring after replacing the brakes and servicing the rotors, then it's likely that you have wheel bearings that are starting to wear - or perhaps you have...
can this code casuse oil leak
The code P000b is for a problem with one of the camshaft sensors and would not cause any oil leaks. You would need to have the cam sensors tested to see what is causing the code and have the oil...

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