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Mud Guards

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How to Install Mud Flaps
Mud flaps provide a splash guard for the water that sprays against car tires. Mud guards can be drilled into the car or installed with screws.
How to Attach Aftermarket Mud Guards
Mud Mud guards can be a very useful addition to any vehicle that potentially may drive off-road (, since rocks, mud, and snow thrown from a tire may damage a vehicle’s body or suspension components. Mud guards typically sit behind...
How to Buy Good Quality Mud/Splash Guards
For For trucks and SUVs that actually get off the pavement, mud and water can be threats. When driving through puddles, on dirt roads, or in off-road environments, water, mud, sand and other debris can splash up from the wheels....

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Mudguard destroyed under my left front bumper
Hello, thanks for writing in about your 2016 Hyundai Accent. You will be ok driving it around. Your mudguard does not serve a critical function that would otherwise prevent you from driving your car safely. If you'd like some peace...

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