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I could fit 31 gallons in y tank on every Filip in my work truck. I was rear ended a few weeks ago and now it only fits 24 gallons
You first should look under vehicle to see if the fuel tank was damaged during the accident? If it was then the damaged may have caused the problem. If the tank and frame around the tank was not damaged then...
Clunking noise when coming to a sudden stop
Your transmission has relatively low miles and if used in normal service would not be the first suspect. There are a variety of suspension, as well as brake, drivetrain, and motor mount components, that could account for the noise. As...
Alright well I’ve recently changed my brake pads and drums on My Gmc and there still making a squeaking noise as its in motion
If you have rear drum brakes, non OEM friction material can cause noise issues as some aftermarket pads have a high metal content. Even if the brakes are not applied, they are in close enough contact to make noise. Squeaking...
Tapping and clicking noise
The noise might be caused by a defective blend door actuator. It is a known issue on certain models. If you use a mechanic's stethoscope and probe the actuator, or any "like" components under the dash, you will quickly hone...
sierra hybrid car starts then stops, all service notifications show
To resolve this, the trouble codes will have to be downloaded, interpreted and followed up on in terms of performing specific diagnostic tests. To obtain the stored codes, I would recommend requesting a check engine light diagnostic and the mechanic...
Rear shock creaks when turning steering wheel.
If the shock has worn out bushings or the U bracket was overtightened it may be hitting metal to metal and U bracket is rubbing metal of shock. Check bracket and shock bushings.
Creaking and twisting of shock when turning steering wheel
It is possible that the quality of the rubber in the bushings for the shocks could not be as good as what the original shocks had. When bushings rub against the both that secures them to the vehicle this can...
Squeaking coming from rear Drum brakes
The steel backing to which the brake shoe is bonded moves against a steel support plate. That metal to metal contact can cause noise. There are some high temperature, water resistant lubricants that can be applied to mitigate the noise....
My truck is making squeaking noises as it in motion
Non OEM pads and rotors can sometimes cause noise as the pads, in particular, might have a higher metal content. If the noise is not brake related, it is probably due to loose, worn or dried out suspension bushings, worn...
RPM’s fluctuate while idle
Hi Tyler. Thanks for sending in your question tonight. Assuming your AC is turned off, this type of problem can occur due to a few different issues. The most common reason is that the idle control valve is sticking or...
New rebuilt 4l60e just got installed and is in safe mode
If the limp mode did not exist prior to the replacement (of course other transmission-related "faults" existed and that's why you replaced the transmission), the first thing to check and confirm are all of the electrical connections to the transmission...
I am replacing my front shock absorbers on my 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE and the shocks i bought to replace them are not long enough
If your vehicle has the crew cab, the original GM part number for the shocks on your model (as equipped with coil springs) is 89038652. If your vehicle does not have the crew cab, use GM part number 89038595. These...
i have a 2003 GMC sirra Truck. all i did was change the oil i mite of spill some oil on the engine so i s
You will need to let the truck dry out overnight is you do not need to drive it and in the morning if it still has same problem then get computer tested to see if you have codes stored in...
My truck is skipping 2nd gear. No check engine light on
On the 4L60-E faulty shift solenoids (A or B) will result in a different symptom than the one you are describing. Do you have 4th gear? If 2nd and 4th are both out, the 2-4 band is slipping. If only...
codep0300 multiple misfires
Given the number of symptoms that you have described, there might be more than one basic underlying cause of the poor operation. Also, mechanical failure such as poor cylinder compression and/or sticking valves would have to be ruled out. Generally,...
I was driving my truck the other day (2000 gmc sierra) and when i would step on the gas the rpms would go up but the truck would b
Check fluid level in transmission. If the fluid level is correct, symptoms of the type that you are describing can be due to anything from a failing torque converter or oil pump, to internal hydraulic leaks, a leaking boost valve,...
2000 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 Need fluid recomendations
Here is the (recommended fluid chart)[ https://www.dropbox.com/s/aj2pl3u0rybj7pp/2000%20gmc%20sierra%20fluid%20chart.pdf?dl=0]
Parking assist
As you may know, the parking assist system (also known as URPA - Ultra sonic parking assist) uses small sensors to read objects that are nearby, which transmit these signals to the parking assist module in the vehicle. As these...
I got off from work and turn my truck on and as I put it on reverse it made a load noise and it doesn't reverse and when I put it
Based on the noise and the fact that you can't go in reverse the sunshell (or other major component) is fractured. The transmission probably will need to be removed and rebuilt. Try not to run or drive the car or...

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