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If the distributor shaft had no grooves on it would that cause the engine not to turn over an crank
If you distributor gear does not have some or all gear teeth then it will cause no start and the cam gear teeth may be damaged also and camshaft may need to be replaced also.
I have a very loud knocking sound from the front driver side of my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4x4
Hi Taylor. Thanks for contacting us tonight. A loud knocking sound coming from your front wheels can be caused by wheel bearings or inner transaxle components. If the noise does not come on during reverse, then it's likely a forward...
My car is very loud when accelerating and smokes when running, stops immediately when the car turns off.
The problem sounds like you have an exhaust problem. You may have a broken pipe or bad convertor and is rattling in the exhaust. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic inspect and diagnose the problem for you.
New Transfer case switch still no light on dash.i jumped the plug it comes on
Hi Kevin. Thanks for sending the question tonight. There are two things that I would check. First, verify that there are no frayed wires connected the new transfer case sensor - especially the ground. Sometimes this can disable the 4x4...
I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler that recently has started making a clunk and clicking noise from stand still and during left turns.
Hi Luciano. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's quite possible that you have a few different issues causing these noises. In regards to the clunking noise from the center while first starting to roll in first gear, it could be...
my brake peddle is making a whoosing noise or like a hissing noise all the time
It sounds like you may have a vacuum leak in the brake booster, which could create this kind of hissing sound. Any brake booster requires a minimum of 18” vacuum to operate efficiently. Anything less than that will contribute to...
Random low then high idle jumps
This may be a sign of a faulty MAP sensor as the vehicle responds adversely to a load put on the motor (i.e. putting it in gear, making turns (which makes use of the power steering pressure switch) turning on...
sepenrtine belt snapped and i replaced it now my car wont idol
The serpentine belt would not cause an idle problem by itself but if the battery was dead or disconnected the computer will need to relearn the idle speeds again and you may have to keep it running and slowly let...
My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was driving okay but now when I go to press the gas pedal it does not accelerate
What you are describing sounds like you may have a clogged or damaged catalytic converter. The catalytic converter converts toxic exhaust gases into less harmful pollutants that are suitable to be expelled into the atmosphere. When the catalytic converter is...
Cranks every time but cuts out as engine starts to catch
The fact that the motor turns over and at some point fires, suggests that the issue is likely not related to a spark or electrical issue. It sounds like you may have a fuel supply problem in getting the proper...
2005 jeep wrangler won't start. stops cranking mid start
You may have a defective starter but will need to monitor the start signal on starter to see if it stays on while the start signal is on. If losing start signal to starter then you may have a bad...
I have a Jeep Wrangler tj that fuel pump works relay works there is power all the way back into the harness but will not turn on.
Hi Davian. Thanks for contacting us today. When this occurs, it usually is caused by two things. First, there may be an exposed wire (a ground in most cases) that is shorted or not attached correctly, or the pump itself...
I have no oil pressure while driving at normal speed. What do I do?
If the oil pressure warning light comes on, or the oil pressure gauge reads zero or low pressure, there is either dangerously low oil pressure or there is a sensor malfunction. You should always turn the engine off immediately due...
When I turn my car on it acts as if I am flooring the accelerator
It sounds like your throttle body is sticking. You might be able to physically un-jam it but there is likely something in the system that needs replacing. I recommend you don't try starting the car anymore until you have it...
Car barely moves or takes a few minutes to get moving when first start?
A clogged fluid filter or failed oil pump can cause no movement in any gear. Other potential causes are a broken input shaft, broken drive chain or sprockets, broken output shaft, broken oil pump shaft, stripped torque converter splines, broken...
Smoke from coolant filler
You should open the oil fill cap and look to see if there is water in the oil. Have cooling system and cap pressure tested to see if there is an external or internal leak. Test computer and see if...
Ok my car is stalling while im drivin it. If I rev the gas up it will catch and continue to run. It also will die some times g
If getting oil and water in cylinder then it is a bad head gasket or cracked cylinder head. You will need to have a cylinder pressure test and compression test to determine if head gasket is blown and head would...
We change the fuel filter on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and now I don't get any spark at all it will turn over but that's all it'
If there is no spark at any of the six plugs, the coil pack and the primary circuit (i.e., 12 volt power and signals to the coil pack) should be tested. The primary side of the circuit includes the crankshaft...
So my 1999 Jeep Cherokee started smoking while I was driving. I pulled over opened the hood and there was coolant everywhere. Afte
A possibility is the engine overheated and that can damage engine components thus resulting in the no start circumstance. You can request a no start diagnostic and the mechanic will get the car running but the overheating or, at minimum,...
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee starts but then turns off! Then after a few tries it doesn’t start anymore!
It is possible that your alternator could have failed causing the vehicle to run on the battery alone. This can cause the battery to discharge very quickly and eventually cause the vehicle to die. I would recommend having your battery...

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