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I have a 98 infinity that starts but wont stay running what would be the cause
Low fuel pressure or a sensor issue can cause this problem and would need to have further diagnosis to determine problem.
Car wont start, lights come on have new battery and altenator. When we jump start it itll work for a bit then die out.
If the engine is stalling immediately (almost runs but dies) typical causes for such immediate stalling are a faulty mass airflow sensor, faulty engine coolant temperature switch/sensor (typically at cold start only), faulty camshaft or crankshaft position sensors, worn spark...
Will the breaks of a 95 mercury marquis fit on a 98 buick park avenue
Hi Brooke. Thanks for contacting us today. I would strongly recommend against this, as although they might fit, they will likely have issues sooner than later. Brake components are those that should always be replaced with the recommended replacement parts...
My 98 infinity will start but wont stay running after i take my foot off that gas
Hi Kenneth. Thanks for submitting your question today. In most cases, when an engine will stall after releasing the throttle it is caused by a restriction of fuel, the fuel system’s inability to properly mix air to fuel or an...
I have a brand new starter installed in a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9l V8 magnum and it only clicks I have also replaced the relay wha
Hi Jasper. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are several possible sources of this issue. The most common is the starter relay being damaged, but if you've replaced it, you can remove that from the equation. The second would be...
High rpms while in park
Hi Jessica. Thanks for contacting us today. When the engine RPM is unusually high as you've described, there are typically three sources. Either there is a vacuum leak, the idle control valve on the throttle body is damaged, or there...
Car wont start after battery died and now there's a blinking red light behind the steering wheel
The battery should be fully re-charged and installed in the vehicle prior to attempts at diagnostics and/or repairs. Once you have a fully charged battery attempt to restart the vehicle. If unsuccessful, the immobilizer may be active thus preventing starting....
Why did my car rev in drive after stopping at a red light
If the engine is revving and the car is, in fact, in drive but does not move then there is something wrong with the transmission. There is always a possibility that the car was not in gear, though, even though...
Won't crank, has new battery. Lights and power windows Work, dome light and radio do not
If the problem is simply no starter motor operation the fault is typically quite limited. With a fully charged battery that passes a load test, or a new fully charged battery as required, and the immobilizer (security) system off -...
98 mazda b2500 steering wheel was locked. I turned key and wheel and it came loose. now truck don't do anything. battery is fine.
You're not imagining it. The ignition switch is made up of two parts, the lock assembly which handles the job of locking the steering column, and the switch element which does the electrical work. The switch element is made of...
My heater in my 98 GMC Sierra always turns off the moment I touch my break and doesn’t turn back on until I restart the truck.
The problem sounds like you have a bad switch or control head problem with a connection at the control head or blower motor and resistor. Check connections while engine is running with blower not working and wiggle connections to see...
Car makes a loud grinding noise when I try to start it, would this be the starter or timing chain?
You should try and turn the engine manually on front of crankshaft pulley to see if engine is seized. If engine turns over by hand then problem will most likely be the starter. If you cannot turn motor then it...
I have a 1998 grand marquis as I was driving to night my head lights dash board lights and tail lights started flicking as I was
The symptoms you are describing are typically due to either a battery/charging system fault or a "global" fault in key vehicle circuits. To diagnose this issue, the battery and charging system output would first be tested. If no fault is...
No first gear
Your vehicle uses the Ford 5r55e transmission. If you want to test solenoids, the solenoid apply chart for the 5r55e is on page 5 of the Sonnax 5r55e Zip Kit Guide or see the Service Manual. The Sonnax guide will...
I’m trying to losen the crackshaft pulley on a 98 Nissan Maxima which way to I turn it to losen it?
Turn the bolt counterclockwise while using the Nissan special service tool (or equivalent) to securely hold the central portion of the balancer. Be sure not to hold the outer circumference of the balancer or the pulley as that will damage...
Need to know where the two wires from negative battery cable connect in my 98 Toyota camry
These wires from the negative battery wire should be connected to the actual vehicle somewhere. There should be a spot nearby where it was attached to the vehicle before. It normally just bolts to the fender next to where the...
Antifreeze coming out at the base of the oil dipstick tube
That would be unusual so be sure that the antifreeze is not leaking elsewhere and then flowing to that spot. If it is coming out at that point, pull the dipstick to confirm that there is antifreeze in the crankcase....
Car wont shift out of park and automatic lights wont come on automatically anymore just changed battery and alternator
Both problems are likely electrical failures but they may involve separate faults, that is unrelated circuits. A failure to shift out of park often involves either a brake light switch failure (do your brake lights come on? If not, the...
Drove with parking brake on for 13 miles and when I got back realized it was on turned it off smoke coming from back tire
Hi Brianne. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's hard to say for certain whether or not your brakes are OK after this incident. If you notice any squealing noises from the rear end while driving or braking, or a vibration...
My he car take long to get into gear, it jerk into gear, And
Check the transmission fluid level and condition. A blocked transmission fluid filter, or a malfunctioning throttle position sensor, can cause these symptoms. Other causes of delayed or abrupt shifting are: 1) blockages obstructing hydraulic fluid passages inside the transmission; 2)...

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