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I recently had my yearly safety car inspection. What does it mean when it says that there is “exhaust leak under cab”?
"Cab" is an abbreviation of "cabin" where cabin refers to the passenger compartment of the vehicle. An exhaust leak under "cab" means that just beneath the passenger compartment floor there is a leak in the exhaust pipe or an exhaust...
My 98 dodge neon won't get into reverse but it drives ok
Hi Angla. Thanks for sending in your question today. Most of the time, when you can't shift into reverse, it's due to the reverse gear inside the transmission being damaged. Assuming all other gears are working fine, this is often...
Motor running but lots of exhaust smoke and shaking. is it just the oil being burnt
Blue smoke coming from your exhaust generally means that the motor is burning the engine oil. This can happen for a couple of different reasons such as worn piston rings or leaking valve guide seals. When this happens, the engine...
Oil was low I 98 f150 two quarts and check engine light steady then flashing only driven at most 1000 mls past six months
You should first check to get the codes from the computer to see if the engine has misfire codes to a cylinder and do an engine compression test to see if one or more cylinders are low on compression indicating...
98 Ranger will die occasionaly when put in gear and ocassionaly when accelerating from a stop.
Defective engine sensors, vacuum leaks, and fuel supply problems can cause this issue. For example, the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor detects engine load when you start from a standing stop. The sensor generates a signal that is proportional to...
I have a 1998 buick PA ultra. I push the gas pedal
With the information you provided it sounds like you may have loss of fuel pressure or volume from a clogged filter or pump not pumping enough pressure. Another possible cause is a blocked or clogged exhaust catalyst. You should have...
Reverse doesn’t work
This sounds like a problem with the transmission range sensor, also known as the transmission position sensor. This sensor is responsible for sending data or input to the PCM relating to the transmission in order for the PCM to properly...
Front brakes grinding after brake pad replacement on a 98 Ford Windstar 3.0L
I have seen where some of the more less expensive semi-metallic brake pads have real rough spots of material in the pad and will make a grinding noise when braking. This is normal for these pads. If noise does not...
Temperature gauge stuck at 75% and does not move at all.
The temperature gauge sending unit, the dash gauge itself, and/or the interconnecting wiring is faulty. Diagnosing something like this relies on a temperature versus resistance chart in the service manual. Once the components are checked out with a volt ohmmeter,...
On the recent question I asked
You should have the computer scanned for codes to see if the codes may be for a cam or crankshaft sensor or ignition problems. The codes stored may isolate the possible cause of the problem.
Sugar in engin
Hi Teresa. Thanks for contacting us today. When this occurs, there are a few things that need to be done first. The fuel tank must be drained, removed from the vehicle, rinsed out, and dried to try to remove as...
Car doesn’t and restarts
Hi Danny. Thanks for sending in your question. It's quite possible that you have a few issues going on with your Dodge Dakota. First, when a car starts then dies, the root issue is likely the inability to correctly mix...
Sugar in engine.plugs are carmalized
While that may be one possibility of causing the spark plugs to become a caramelized color, there are other reasons for them to turn this type of color as well such as excessive heat combined with a wet or dry...
98 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 Vortech misfire at idle back fire under load the truck has new distributor new wires new plugs
What you are describing sounds like a dirty or faulty mass air flow sensor. The mass air flow sensor monitors air intake as it is mixed with fuel prior to being injected into the motor. This sensor relays vital information...
My 98 Ford Expedition Ignition Turns Freely And Won't Start This Started Instant When I Accidentally Broke The Gear Selector Wires
Hi Cindy. Thanks for sending in your question today. This is likely due to an ignition cylinder that is broken. I've forwarded your question to our sales and service department to see if one of our mobile mechanics can come...
Car will turn over but won't start?
The most common cause of no start on these vehicles is the ignition components inside the distributor causing no spark or sensor reading to computer. Most times replacing the distributor fixes the problem of no spark.
Can i swap a motor i have a dodge ram 1500 laramie slt 5.9 i want to put a motor from a same kind of truck only that motor 2.5
Hi Music. Thanks for sending the question today. You'll likely have to change motor mounts, the torque converter, and flywheel - as well as reprogram the ECU in order for this swap to work correctly. It would be a good...
I have a 1998 ford f150 and will not crank over.
With a fully charged battery in good condition, and the immobilizer (security) system off - check to be sure the immobilizer is not activated - if the starter motor does not operate at that point, there are only two possibilities:...
I have a 98 dodge caravan with a 3.3L. It wants to start but just won't. I had a mechanic look at it and he eventually knocked on
Hi Adam. Thanks for sending in your question today. Based on your input, it's quite possible that either the fuel pump is worn out and needs to replaced, or that you have a loose ground or electrical connection to the...
I hear metallic noises from front wheels while driving as well as a grinding when driving.
You should have the front suspension and brakes checked to see if the suspension has worn bushings and the inner brake pads are worn out grinding metal to metal indicating the caliper slides are seized. Or you may have worn...

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