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asked by on May 05, 2017

Changed head, valve and Manifold gaskets. Torgued perfectly. New rad. New thermostat. New coolant obviously. New fan relay switch. Bled all air out. No leaks. Upper rad hose get somewhat expanded. Overheating slowly. 30 to 45 minutes.....moves up slow like the car is tryn to fight it. Didnt touch water pump but its not leaking. Fan seems fine. It does go faster after while. I dont know man......HELP! Thanks

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On head and block, those surfaces have to be measured before you apply a head gasket. If they are not flat within around .002 inches, you can get leaks and that alone can account for overheating. It is possible that the water pump impeller is no longer tight on the shaft (a problem on this model if equipped with nylon impeller). If the impeller is slipping, that could be a cause. Also MEASURE drive belt tension and check belt because if the belt is glazed, or otherwise damaged and worn the pump will not turn at the required speed. If you have to change the pump, buy an OEM pump. If the thermostat is not OEM, that can account for the problem as well. If you try a new thermostat, TEST the thermostat before installation. There is always the possibility of an internal blockage in the head/block and there is a possibility of so much scale that normal heat transfer is impeded. If you are sure the head and block were flat, I would start with the water pump and if pump is replaced, either TEST the thermostat (per Factory Service Manual spec.) or buy an OEM thermostat. Finally, the wrong engine ignition timing, too lean operation, and other engine management faults can cause overheating. If the transmission is faulty, that can cause overheating. Also, keep in mind, your temperature gauge could be faulty (sending or receiving)! If you want a certified mechanic to get to the bottom of this, please request an overheating diagostic and the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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