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I have a 2004 Dodge Durango yesterday I change all 8 spark plugs and after all flashlights came on and won’t change out of park
It is not clear from your question if the vehicle starts and runs. If the engine runs, just request service for a possible shift interlock failure. That service will first involve a diagnostic, so nothing will be replaced until the...
do the axles need to come out of a 2007 aspen when doing the rear brake shoes?
Hi Jonathan. Thanks for contacting us today. The problem with buying used parts is that they often are less than complete, so it's not a shock that the used axle you purchased has been altered. In regards to having to...
needle on temp gage keeps raising
If you detect the odor of engine coolant, there is likely to be a leak. The leak could be really tiny, as the sense of smell is very good in most people. The heater core, in the dash, can leak...
2003 buick park avenue volt light
Charging system output should be verified against factory specifications to determine the condition of the alternator. It is also possible that the battery light can come on if the serpentine belt is not properly driving the alternator. If the alternator...
2008 lexus gx470: car bouncing even after $3500 shocks were replaced on front and back
If the ride height is within spec, that is the coil springs are not weak, the only cause of the vehicle failing to settle immediately (i.e., bouncing) after encountering road irregularities is defective shocks or defective strut assemblies with built...
Is shaking above 45 MPH signs of failing torque converter?
Torque converters can be unbalanced but that is not likely. MAF malfunctions will cause loss of power and poor efficiency. In your circumstance, the first thing to do is be sure the shaking is not chassis related, versus engine related....
My Toyota 05 4runner V8check engine light VSC Vtrac has been on for a Year I replace the gas cap but the light came back on the d
A smoke test is simply a test where very low pressure "smoke" is introduced into system piping to pinpoint what are often tiny leaks. Basically, you put the smoke in the pipe and if visible smoke comes out pinhole leaks...
I hit a pothole and my heat and ac went out, how can i fix it
If the issue is no air flow because the blower motor does not circulate air, whether hot or cold air, the jarring hit from the pothole might have somehow caused an electrical fault. If the car hit that hard, be...
Would leaking exhaust manifold throw a code?
If the exhaust system is not air tight, that will skew oxygen sensor readings and a consequence is a false indication of catalyst efficiency. In addition, the upstream sensor will not be providing a valid reading to the computer insofar...
RPMs drop and car shakes?
Hi again Jarod. What you're describing is often a sign of a vacuum leak, exhaust leak, fuel restriction or faulty mass air flow sensor (designed to help mix air and fuel together). To be honest, there are more than a...
Would leaking exhaust manifold cause truck to have vacuum leak?
The exhaust and intake manifolds have no connection. Therefore, leaks in one do not affect the other. The only "indirect" issue that might coincidentally implicate both manifolds is if the cylinder head were so warped, or damaged, that leaks developed...
I have a 2000 Dodge Durango my ac compressor went out. Now there is light white smoke coming out the tailpipe. Is it due to the ac
If the refrigerant in the A/C system leaks, that refrigerant can't get into the exhaust system. White smoke in the exhaust is typically due to engine coolant leaking into the combustion chambers and such a leak could be due to...
What are signs of a cracked block?
Hi Jarod. Thanks for the question today. The engine block is a rather large component, meaning that there are multiple warning signs that it's cracked. The leading symptom is a coolant or oil leak not coming from a line or...
Is unplugging MAF while engine running a good way to test it?
Hey Jarod. Thanks for the question tonight. Yeah, when you unplug the MAF sensor it should stall the engine automatically if it's working correctly. If it doesn't stall, the MAF is likely damaged.
Got a 2005 Dodge Dakota extra cab with an 8 cylinder engine. Does not have power locks, nor does it have remote, keyless entry. My
Load test your battery and evaluate the results. A possibility is a weak battery leads to a voltage drop during starting and the immobilizer (vehicle security system) interprets that voltage drop as "vehicle theft". Horn is then activated but voltage...
Hi Jarod. Good to see you again. The ambient air temperature sensor and mass air flow sensor are not the same components. The MAF sensor measures air intake into the engine so it can adjust the fuel trim to be...
Would bad spark plugs cause misfire in cylinder?
A misfire could be caused by a bad spark plug. It could also be caused by a bad coil, fuel injector, an air leak, a compression problem, or a camshaft problem, or yes, even a bad head gasket or a...
Does the crankshaft sensor have to be calibrated before putting into your vehicle
You will need to have the crankshaft sensor relearned in the computer using a scanner and also checked for further codes that will need to be diagnosed.
My Dodge Ram 1500 4.7 stalling at stops sometimes
To pinpoint the cause, a diagnostic decision tree is used by mechanics and all components on that "tree" must be directly tested. As components are ruled in or out during that testing, one just proceeds along the tree. That is...
Would coolant leak out of timing cover?
Coolant should not be leaking out of timing cover. You most likely have a water pump or hose leaking. The cooling system should be pressure tested to isolate and locate the leak.

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