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When changing my 2003 Dodge Durango from normal drive into 4x4 the truck seizes up and the red and yellow abs lights come on
If the ABS light is coming on, there will be stored codes that can be downloaded and those codes might give insight into what is going on. However, it is possible the harsh engagement , or "seizure" is being mis-read...
I have a brand new starter installed in a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9l V8 magnum and it only clicks I have also replaced the relay wha
Hi Jasper. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are several possible sources of this issue. The most common is the starter relay being damaged, but if you've replaced it, you can remove that from the equation. The second would be...
01 dosge ram 1500 after it sits a couple of hours i can drive it for a mile before it goes into limp mode has new speed sensor
Check for stored OBD-II trouble codes that might provide clues. If there are no stored codes, a real time scanner would be used to view actual engine and transmission operating parameters. Limp mode is not necessarily transmission fault related. There...
When replacing a water pump do you use thw gasket it comes with and gasket sealer
Yes you should use a good anaerobic sealer with the paper gasket applied to water pump and engine to hold and seal gasket.
Can I change the pcm of a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.2 to a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.9
Hi Rich. Thanks for sending us the question tonight. Unfortunately, we only offer technical, service and repair advice for 100% OEM applications - so we really can't help since you've swapped OEM components. You would be better served to contact...
There are some engine controls, such as the throttle position sensor, that affect shift points. As far as the governor solenoid, or the shift solenoids on the valve body, those are electronically controlled and so can be tested to rule...
I have a 2000 dodge Durango 5.9 litre, V8. Before I replaced the head gaskets it noticeably spewed out antifreeze from the block o
New parts will off-gas (smoke) to some extent and when work is performed on an engine, oil and other contaminants can be left behind on surfaces as a residue. Those materials will vaporize when you first start the engine. Depending...
Frothy tranny fluid hard shift into reverse
You could try to change the fluid/filter and correct the fluid level if presently off. Regarding oil levels, a high oil level does cause aberrations in shifting because the fluid becomes aerated or frothy when there is too much of...
Brake lights don’t work after replacing brake pedal switch and lights
You will need to check to see if the brake light switch is getting power to the switch. If you are getting power then check wiring at the switch to see if there is a broken wire or bad switch....
99 ram 1500 4x4 5.9 gas auto tranny. Abs, brake, airbag light are all on odometer and speedo is not working
It is possible that the cluster in your vehicle has failed. This can cause many lights and other malfunctions of the gauges to occur. I would recommend having your cluster inspected by a qualified professional to determine if it is...
1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer battery voltage won’t hold
You may have the interior lighting system killing the battery overnight and would cause the battery to go dead. Also may have a charging system problem if wiring has been altered. I would recommend having a mechanic like one from...
yesterday morning noticed my transmission fluid was leaking, I added more according the specs, and it ran better, today there is s
Hi Shawn. Thanks for contacting us today. An automatic transmission is a hydraulic system, so it needs to be contained and pressurized in order for the system to work correctly. When a transmission is leaking, the optimization is compromised which...
Can a 42re transmission hook up to a 5.9 L Magnum gas engine
The 42RE will "fit" but it is definitely not a "direct" fit as in a catalog interchange. The 42RE is a light duty vehicle transmission and thus the torque rating (power handling capability) is lower than that of the 46RE....
My 2003 durango wants to drift all over after i went to a 20 inch tire why is this
The offset of the aftermarket wheels that you are using probably varies from that designed into the OEM wheels. That variance, plus the increase in wheel diameter, creates directional instability. If the offset of the 20 inch replacement wheels varies...
01 Dodge Ram jerks when taking off, bogs down , when coming to stop it feels like it wants to go but dies
Hi Frank. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically an issue like you are describing is caused by a fuel restriction or inability to correctly mix air and fuel together. Some of the usual suspects include a vacuum leak, mass air...
Can i swap a motor i have a dodge ram 1500 laramie slt 5.9 i want to put a motor from a same kind of truck only that motor 2.5
Hi Music. Thanks for sending the question today. You'll likely have to change motor mounts, the torque converter, and flywheel - as well as reprogram the ECU in order for this swap to work correctly. It would be a good...
I have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 that has broken 3 drive shaft center bearings. why? please help!
It sounds like you may have a drive shaft that is out of balance or alignment, creating extreme stress on the center bearings. I would suggest taking the vehicle to a drive-line or transmission shop that specializes in balancing drive...
Driver sideUpper ball joint rubbing inside rim
Hi Ronnie. Thanks for contacting us today. The control arm bushing can cause the lower ball joint to rest on the rim. If the bushings are missing, the lower control arm will move forward or backward with the vehicle during...
I had a New power steering pump installed due to leak. Now it's really tough to turn the wheel unless I'm accelerating.
It is possible that the new power steering pump that was installed is faulty. Even vehicles with manual steering will have less steering effort required at higher speeds. I would recommend having the mechanic who installed the power steering pump...
Q: Shifting problem
You may have a bad transmission shift governor in the back of the transmission that is not working correctly or there is another internal fluid pressure leakage that may require the transmission to be rebuilt. Have the governor replaced and...

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