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L4-1.4L Hybrid

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Do I need a new battery on 2014 Volt if it says Battery Saver Active?
The diagnostic test that is typically used to determine if a battery is good or bad is the "load test". YourMechanic can perform such a test in the field, and if your battery turns out to be bad, a certified...
Windshield wiper fluid of radiator as Chevy Volt
Hi Paula. Thank you for contacting us today. If windshield washer fluid has been added to the radiator, even a small amount - it should be flushed. Windshield washer fluid contains soap, which will expand and bubble rapidly when it...
Electrical power steering doesnt work after replacement
The Factory Service Manual, and diagnostic decision tree for the steering system published therein is, by far, your best strategy to identifying and resolving the problem. If you request service from YourMechanic, the mechanic is simply going to apply the...

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