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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Nissan Maxima
The Maxima is one of the most popular vehicles from Nissan, and they’ve been hitting it out of the park in recent years. The 2012 Nissan Maxima is a fantastic, practical vehicle that...

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My car was driving fine and then I went to turn into a parking lot and it stalled. I started it back up then it stalled again. In
An engine that starts and stalls can be caused by many things and you will need to have the computer and fuel pressure tested to isolate the cause by a mechanic like one from YourMechanic.
95 nissian maxima have replaced fuel pump, crank sensors both still car stalling and sometimes won't start
Hi Sonja. Thanks for contacting us today. Usually when a fuel pump or crankshaft sensor is not working, the vehicle will not start at all. It's more likely that you have a fuel system restriction or the engine is having...
inner tie rod torque spec on a 2006 nissan maxima ?
The inner tie rod nut should be torqued to 90 to 100 foot pounds and secured with lock.
When I press on Gas my Wheel start shaking NOT STEERING WHEEL, MY BACK WHEEL I coulf Go 5mph and it starts Shaking I have to press
Hello, thank you for writing in. The tire may be shaking for a number of reasons. The tire may be out of balance and need a weight added to it. This is less likely to show at such low speeds,...
What is the estimated costs to replace a value cover gasket? I live in Maryland.
You can obtain an instant, detailed written quote, and schedule the repair to suit your needs, by visiting YourMechanic’s valve cover gasket replacement service page. Once on that page, please click on "Get a Quote" and enter your location (zip...
Castle nut won't bust loose from spindle
The axle nut in this axle should be tightened to a torque value in the range of 174-231 ft. lbs. If the nut is too tight on installation of a new bearing, what happens is the ball bearings in the...
My 2004 maxima is getting codes p0301, p1283 and p0021, Engine rough idles and flashing check engine light
The three codes you are getting are P0301 is for misfire on cylinder number 1 and may be a failed coil or spark plug. The code P1283 is for the air flow sensor and may need cleaned or replaced and...
maxima 2000 el sistema de seguridad se blokeo en modo seguro que significa eso
Can you post your questions in english so we can answer the questions for you?
Single click sound from front brakes?
This is something that is somewhat common and is typically related to the brake light switch. The switch has a small plunger on it that is activated when the brake pedal is pushed. Occasionally, this will begin to wear out...
Hi I have a 2007 nissan maxima 3.5l with a p0746 and a p0776 code saying the pressure control solenoid is stuck off
Hi Jeffery. The P-0746 OBD-II trouble code is one of the more confusing and hard to diagnose codes. P0746 will occur when the required amount of fluid pressure doesn’t match the actual amount that is detected by the vehicle’s PCM....
Hi I have a 2007 nissan maxima 3.5l with a p0746 and a p0776 code saying the pressure control solenoid is stuck off, when I press
Hi Jeffery. We answered this question earlier, but in case you didn't get it, here is what we had to say. The P-0746 OBD-II trouble code is one of the more confusing and hard to diagnose codes. P0746 will occur...
I have a 2008 nissan maxima sl. The car cut off while driving. Trying to restart it all I'm getting is a clicking noise.
Hi Joy. Thanks for contacting us today. Usually the "click" noise while starting is an indication that the starter motor is either not receiving power to engage the motor. This could be due to a dead battery, damaged electrical relay...
Has my car jumped time
If the timing belt broke, or jumped, that could account for the no start. Your engine is classified as an "interference" type which means that if the timing belt breaks when the engine is operating, the valves can impact the...
Did my car jump time
At 230,000 miles there is any number of things that could be wrong. If by saying "jumped time" you mean "did the timing belt shift?" that is one of the possibilities. The timing belt should be replaced every 90,000 miles...
Jerking while accelerating now it won't start had to get tow home car felt as if it was rolling
Based upon the symptoms you are describing, it sounds like you may have a faulty camshaft position sensor. The camshaft position sensor is a magnetic sensor that monitors camshaft speed to regulate ignition timing and fuel injection timing. It gathers...
My servic engine light is on and when im drving sometimes my SLIP light blinks on and off. This causes my speed to reduce although
If the service engine soon warning light (also known as the "check engine light") is on, diagnostic trouble code(s) were registered and stored in the engine computer. There are many possible trouble codes that can set on a vehicle but...
My car is overheating the oil is not milk there no leak outside of the car and the coolant is still in the radatior
A leaking head gasket is not the most likely cause of overheating. And, if combustion chamber exhaust gases are leaking into the coolant, there are tests that can be performed to rule the head gasket in or out as a...
Servics engine light came on and i smelled fumes and my car had a jerky kinda feeling to it
Generally, the check engine light comes on when something fairly serious is going on with the vehicle. This can happen for many different reasons such as a faulty mass air flow sensor, a faulty O2 sensor, a bad catalytic converter,...
On my Right passenger Side Wheel Shakes
It sounds like you may have a wheel and tire out of balance or perhaps a bent axle shaft or potentially a bad wheel bearing. Any of these may cause the shaking you are describing. I would suggest having a...
I just got my radiator replaced. Before leaving the mechanic shop they tell me they heard a noise from the cooling fan bearing.
You should look at the fan blades after the engine cools down and inspect each fan blade for cracks or chips from blades. This can cause the fan to be out of balance and cause the vibration when fan comes...

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