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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Nissan Maxima
The Maxima is one of the most popular vehicles from Nissan, and they’ve been hitting it out of the park in recent years. The 2012 Nissan Maxima is a fantastic, practical vehicle that...

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Loud noise when car started in the cold morning, just replaced the fan, mechanic says its a new fan. My car is Nissan Maxima, 2000
If the mechanic means that there is "now" noise because previously the fan was not even functioning (if that is even the case) and thus the car is "now" relatively noisier (because no fan was operational before), that's logical. However,...
VDC off
The engine computer will lose certain stored "adaptive" data when you disconnect the battery but that would not result in any significant "reduced power". This could be an electrical issue and it may also be that there were co-existing "engine...
my radiator smokes on my 2000 nissan maxima should i replace the radiator?
You may have a coolant leak in the radiator and would need to have the system pressure tested to locate the leak and replace the radiator if it shows any leaking.
I need to know how to do it myself if possible please.
LED lights are generally long lived, so the car companies often permanently integrate the light source into the finished combination lamp. This is the case for the high mounted stop lamps, for example. There is no user serviceable bulb. Rather,...
Brake light is burned
The LED may not be separately serviceable. Once you remove the combination light assembly that will become apparent. If the LED is not serviceable, you will need to purchase the entire combination light assembly which is Nissan OEM part number...
I have a 2009 Maxima is dead,have a replacement key and can't unlock it at all
Hi Gabriel. Thanks for contacting us today. I'm not quite clear on the issue you're having. If the key you currently have will not open the vehicle, then you'll need to call a locksmith to open the car or head...
My 2005 Nissan Maxima will not show that its in park and it’s not allowing the car to start
Is the vehicle in park? If it's not in park, the neutral start switch will open the circuit and prevent starting (as a safety measure). If the vehicle is in park for sure, that is the manual lever on the...
Overheated and engine knock
If your car has almost a quarter million miles on it it is quite plausible that it needs an engine replacement, Especially if it has been overheated. While it's possible to damage an engine by driving it with too much...
The alternator is not charging like it supposed to be I had it changed and it's still doing the same thing in his jumping between
Hi Willie. Thanks for contacting us today. When you have an electrical problem like you're describing, it's typically caused by a poor electrical connection, failed or damaged electrical relay or an exposed wire creating a short. There are several wires...
If you driving and the car does not get no speed especially going up a hill what's wrong with it goes 30 miles per hour
Hi Steve. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several things that can cause a lack of acceleration. In most cases, it's a restriction of fluid inside the transmission, causing the transmission to slip, while in other instances this is...
I have a 2001 Nissan Maxima wich I recently fixed from a clogged catalytic converter and when I have it in park and rev it makes a
If your old catalyst came apart it may have broke apart and pieces of it got into the muffler or exhaust pipe and can continue to rattle. You may have to tap on the entire exhaust to locate where it...
My car is taking a long time to warm up and the service light is on
A possibility is the engine cooling system thermostat is stuck open. Inasmuch as the check engine light is on, trouble codes have been stored in the vehicle computer and those codes should be downloaded. It is possible that the trouble...
The service engine light comes on in the dash but doesn't stay on when I start the engine is that normal
What you describe is the normal sequence. The brief illumination of the SES light (aka, "check engine light") is intentional so that you can determine if the SES warning light actually functions. In other words, the light comes on as...
Have torn apart car to diagnose speaker problems. Speakers cut out only while driving. Both + and - for speaker wires have 6v
You did not mention the problem you are having with this aftermarket unit? If you have a seperate factory amp then you may have an issue with it and not the radio itself. The aftermarket radio may not work with...
I’m trying to losen the crackshaft pulley on a 98 Nissan Maxima which way to I turn it to losen it?
Turn the bolt counterclockwise while using the Nissan special service tool (or equivalent) to securely hold the central portion of the balancer. Be sure not to hold the outer circumference of the balancer or the pulley as that will damage...
What part of my exhaust do need to remove so that it would sound loud and pop ?
Your vehicle has two mufflers. Most jurisdictions that have an annual vehicle inspection program do not allow removal of exhaust system components. You can probably substitute different mufflers that would increase the sound level but, there again, there are some...
There is green fluid that came pouring out from the bottom of my car up by the driver side tire. I have 2009 nissan Maxima.
Green fluid in most cases is going to be coolant. If the car is running you will usually notice some sharp smelling steam as well. Best to stop driving the car until you can locate and repair the leak. The...
P0746 2008NISSAN Maxima 3.5SE - Pressure Control Solenoid 'A' Performance
The P0746 code will set if the PCM detects an irregularity in the electronic pressure control solenoid circuit. Typically, that means that the level of hydraulic pressure (in PSI) commanded or expected is not actually detected by the computer. That...
security light blinking
The immobilizer may be preventing the engine from starting. If the security warning light is on constantly while you are trying to start the car, please refer to YourMechanic's immobilizer tutorial - suggestions for disabling. If you cannot disable the...
Questions about a car with a bad battery before I purchase
Hi Daniel. Thanks for sending the question today. Yes - if you have to remove the battery terminals, or it will drain, this is a sign of what's known as a parasitic battery drain or an open electrical circuit. These...

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