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Q: Shakes
Hi, thanks for writing in. There are many things that could be wrong with your truck. You may look at the motor mount to make sure that they aren't broken. This is the first thing I look for. Then, I...
Wont start ...isnt firing helpppp
Hi there, thanks for writing in. You will need to actually check for spark at the spark plug, as well as checking the carburetor for fuel delivery. The carburetor could have a damaged float, plugged jets, or any number of...
Q: Turning over but not starting.
Hi there. It sounds as if the timing may be off causing the ignition spark to be off when starting the vehicle. Put the cylinder number 1 on top dead center and remove the cap to the distributor. Look at...
Q: Engine swap
Anything is possible with enough money. There are several versions of the Cummins diesel engine, and first step would be to decide which you want to use. You will need the entire engine, transmission, engine wiring harness and all the...
Q: Clicking sound.
Hi There, What you are describing sounds like a weak battery or a faulty starter solenoid. If you hear a clicking sound when turning the key, it is likely that your starter solenoid may be faulty or your battery may...
How to install coolant bypass hose? 1989 Dodge RAM 50
Hi - replacing the bypass hose on this engine requires removal of the engine fan and fan shroud, alternator (disconnect battery, and roll alternator to the rear while leaving wires connected), and the AC compressor (unbolt from mounts and swing...
I have a 86 dodge conversion van and will go only in reverse but when I put in drive it won’t go any where I tightened the coter p
You may have a bad servo piston or clutches inside the transmission. You will need to have transmission pressure tested to see if solenoids and valve body are working as they should indicating clutches are bad inside transmission and needs...

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