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Q: Engine running rough
The vehicle requires a diagnostic to examine multiple things. Fuel quality, fuel pressure, vacuum leaks, basic ignition and timing tests would be a good start. A qualified technician, such as one from YourMechanic can assist you in diagnosis and repair....
Q: Gears won't shift
Hello. There are several things that can cause this. You need to start by checking to see if the shift linkage is moving on the transmission when you try putting it into gear. If not then the linkage may not...
Can't get high revs from engine. Seems choked
Depending on the HEI system you have you may have a weak coil or the carburetor is running out of fuel at the higher rpms. Use a spark tester to see if the coil is capable of sustaining the spark...
I have 65 Nova thats seen better days, how do I get started?
You are lucky. "Old", or shall we say "original", cars are about as difficult to fix as constructing a Lego block house. If you are restoring the vehicle, the first thing to do is obtain a copy of the Factory...

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