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Related questions

My car shows a P0106, Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Code. How serious is it?
Trouble code P0106 will set if the MAP sensor circuit reports out of range voltage signals to the vehicle computer. The underlying fault could be a wiring problem (poor connection, high resistance, etc.) or the sensor itself might be faulty....
High RPM, Low acceleration after crossing water logging
Manual transmissions are directly geared and so a fault in the transmission itself will not cause "fluctuations" in engine RPM. However, a malfunctioning clutch pressure plate and/or contaminated clutch friction material could be a cause of RPM excursions. Fluctuating engine...
RPM revs too high but low acceleration - Answer only if you can list out culprits & rule out some as well looking at the case.
If you are not getting any check engine light then you do not need to change any sensors. It sounds like your clutch is slipping and may need to be replaced. A slipping clutch will cause the engine to rev...
Code po411 check engine light I took a look under the hood and some wiring seems like it burnt I have pictures so u can look at.
It will be best to repair the wiring first (be sure the wiring is actually damaged though and not just dirty) and then test the circuit as needed. That step alone may restore operation of the air injection system. Even...
Where is the transmission fluid on a 2004 jeta vw ?
Hi Lannette. Thanks for contacting us tonight. It's likely that you have a damaged speed sensor, which can cause both a failure of the speedometer as you're describing and the trouble shifting. It is also possible that you simply need...
Car Stalls when warm.
If you have not replaced the fuel pump module then this will be the most common cause of the vehicle stalling when hot.
Stereo will not power up after changing battery..Checked all the fuses and the one behind the stereo..still will not come on.
You may just need to input the security code. Most car radios made after about 1985 will go into lock down if the power is interrupted. To start it back up again you have to input the security code. This...
2002 vw jetta. Had a grinding noise rear back tire. Now when trying to reverse the back end highers but won't move
You may have been running brakes metal to metal and now that it has worn into the brake pad metal backing it may have come out of the bracket and binds up the brakes. You will need to raise car...
Car stalls when warm
This may be a sign of a faulty ignition coil. Ignition coils are coated with a varnish-like insulation that becomes brittle over time after being stretched then contracted repeatedly. The insulation develops small fractures that open when heated and close...
Took my car to the only VW dealership in my town to get inspected. Was told to come pick my car back up as they did not have time
The N80 valve is a "purge valve" located on top of the engine. It is a very simple component in the EVAP system and indeed you can easily replace it yourself. The only way to ensure that the N80 valve...
Hello my gears shift on my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta and it sounds terrible. what does that mean exactly ?
Hi Dyani. Thanks for contacting us today. It really depends on what type of noise is being produced when shifting which will determine the root source or cause of the noise. If it's a grinding noise when your automatic transmission...
I have a jetta 2006 with fault code P0121. My car accelerate without touching the gas pedal. Sometimes its stops
There were different engines used in your model and so the issues common to each, with regard to this code, vary a little. Basically though, Trouble Code P0121 is more likely a consequence of a throttle/accelerator pedal position sensor output...
I can't find the fuel filter for my 2004 1.8 jetta
Automotive fuel filters are located either in line or in the fuel tank. If you do not see a fuel filter on the fuel lines underneath the vehicle, this would indicate that the fuel filter is located inside the fuel...
Car will only start after a few tries of trying to start it
It is possible that you are having problems with your ignition switch. I would recommend having your ignition switch tested by a qualified professional to determine if it is functioning properly. The ignition switch is what allows power to go...
I am looking for the blow off valve on a 2018 jetta 1.4 tsi
Blow off valves or blow by valves are typically located on the turbocharger itself. I would recommend searching for this particular part near or on the engine's turbocharger.
Wont start or stay started
Hi Max. Thanks for sending your question tonight. Some of the usual suspects in a situation like this would include a faulty throttle body, fuel filter installed backwards, clogged fuel injectors, faulty mass air flow sensor, EGR valve that is...
I have a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta the engine just went is it worth fixing or trashing it
If your goal is to minimize the cost of transportation, compare the total cost of getting your car fully functional, in your case that would be the cost of repairing the engine, to the total cost of replacing the car....
I have a 2005 Jetta that I am trying to take a clamp of the hose I have already removed the fan how would I remove the clamp
There are a variety of specialized hose pliers that are built at a right angle, 45 degree angle, and other configuration. That type of tool will be necessary if there is no straight on access. If you desire, you can...
My cooling fan sliced my upper and lower hose on my Jetta 2005 what can I do to prevent this from happening again
It is possible that they hose is installed incorrectly. I would recommend loosening the clamps and turning the hose 90 to 180 degrees. This would cause the molded hose to be turned away from the fan and would likely prevent...
Car won't start after battery was plugged in and whilst changing thermostat, something sparked and the car won't start.
If the screeching noise is from the starter motor, that should be investigated and resolved first, although even a noisy starter can potentially turn an engine over fast enough to get it started. In any event, the screeching noise should...

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