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Loss of power and rattling from back under part 1998 BMW 323
Hello - I believe you have 2 unrelated problems: the loss of power, and the rattle. I believe your loss of power problem is either a failing fuel pump, or possible a clogged catalytic converter. The fuel pump issue would...
I have a broken spark plug in the head cylinder in my bmw. Do you repair these kind of technical issues
Sent to CS. Not sure if it was sent yesterday or not - disregard if it was.
Q: Head gasket blown.
If the gasket alone is damaged, it can be replaced. However, prior to replacement, the possibility of other engine damage has to be considered and that will depend on why the gasket blew. Also, replacement of the gasket with the...
My front is bouncing. Is it shock or something?
Yes, your supposition is correct. Bouncing after hitting a bump is usually due to defective shocks and/or struts. If you desire that your vehicle's shocks/struts be inspected and replaced if necessary by a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to...

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