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Insurance Requirements for Car Registration in Virginia
The state of Virginia requires that all drivers prove that they are financially responsible for costs associated with a car accident. Most drivers choose to purchase...
The Guide to Right-of-Way Laws in Virginia
In Virginia, right-of-way laws are in place to let you know when you should stop and give way to other motorists or pedestrians. Much of the time,...
How to Transfer a Car Title in Virginia
While the process of transferring a car title in Virginia is not that complex, there are several key steps that must be followed. This applies to...
Child Seat Safety Laws in Virginia
When you secure your child in a properly installed child seat, you reduce his or her chances of being injured in a motor vehicle accident by 69%, and...
Rules of the Road For Virginia Drivers
If you love beautiful coastal views and gorgeous mountain vistas, Virginia is definitely the state for you. Of course, if you’re going to visit or live in...
Veteran and Military Driver Laws and Benefits in Virginia
There are many different benefits for veteran and active duty military who are in Virginia. There are also some laws and regulations that will be...
How to Buy a Personalized License Plate in Virginia
One of the most popular ways to customize the exterior of a vehicle is with a personalized license plate. Personalized license plates are popular because they allow you to share a message...
How to Become a Certified Mobile Vehicle Inspector (State Car Inspector Certified) in Virginia
Automotive technician jobs include mobile vehicle inspectors. Learn how to do car checks in Virginia through the Universal Technical Institute.
How Much Does a Mechanic Make in Virginia?
Automotive technician jobs in Virginia have an average mechanic salary of $43k, with some mechanics earning a salary of nearly $90k.
What are the Car Pool Rules in Virginia?
Virginia is known more for being a beautiful state with a lot of history, than a busy state with a lot of business. But there are a lot of big cities in...
The Guide to Legal Car Modifications in Virginia
ARENA Creative / Shutterstock.com Whether you currently live in Virginia or plan to move to the area, you need to be aware of the...
The Guide to Colored Curb Zone Laws in Virginia
Drivers in Virginia need to make sure that they are following all of the rules of the road when they are behind the wheel,...
How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title in Virginia
Losing things is nothing new for most people. It's hard to keep track of our various possessions, and outside of losing them unfortunately sometimes things are stolen. Your car title is one of...
Disabled Driver Laws and Permits in Virginia
In the State of Virginia, if you are disabled, then you can obtain special license plates or placards from the Virginia DMV that will allow you to...
Virginia Speed Limits, Laws, and Fines
Following is an overview of the laws, limits, and fines as they relate to speeding traffic violations in the state of Virginia. Speed limits in Virginia 70...
How to Prepare for the Virginia Driver’s Written Test
Before you can drive in Virginia, you need to take your driver’s written test so you can then get your learner’s permit and take the...
Windshield Laws in Virginia
Anyone who is licensed to drive knows that there are numerous traffic rules that he or she has to follow to stay safe and avoid accidents. In addition to those...
10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Norfolk, Virginia
Automotive technicians rely on auto parts stores to add and replace car parts. The best auto parts shop in Norfolk is Advance Auto Parts.
How to Get Smog Technician Certified in Virginia
Automotive technician jobs include smog certified emissions inspectors. In Virginia, you need to work at a certified repair facility.
10 Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in Richmond, Virginia
Automotive technicians rely on auto parts stores to add and replace car parts. The best auto parts shop in Richmond is Advance Auto Parts

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