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A Buyer’s Guide to the 2012 Ford Expedition
The 2012 Ford Expedition has ample room for passengers and cargo, while still being able to tow anywhere from 8,900 to 9,200 pounds. The Expedition has two-tone exterior packages making it stand out...
The Best Used Cars to Buy If You Love Camping
Do you love camping, getting back to nature and enjoying life in the great outdoors? If you do, then you know that getting there can be half the fun, and it’s even...

Related questions

99 expedition rear locks will lock fine but when unlocking will make noise and come up a little but will not actually unlock
This is typically a fault with either the door lock actuator, which is an electro-mechanical device in the door, or rusted or corroded links in the mechanism, again within the door. To obtain a diagnostic and thence repairs, the recommended...
Ign coil connector-gasket crumbles. Do I need to replace connector or gasket or is it ok asIS? Looks same as intake manifold gask
If you are referring to the boot on the plug end of each coil (you would have eight boots of course), if that is deteriorated and pieces are breaking off, yes those components should be replaced. The boots are sold...
I have a 2003 Ford Expedition 4.6 motor and my battery light will not go away, I have a new battery and alternator.
It sounds like you may have a failing voltage regulator. When the voltage regulator is not working properly, this may result in the alternator allowing too much power to be delivered to the battery resulting in damaging wires and prematurely...
Groaning noise in front axle while driving 4x4
Remote chassis ears are helpful in pinpointing the noise. A cab mounted audio receiver allows the mechanic to switch between various microphones mounted on the suspect vehicle components to pinpoint the noise. If you suspect wheel bearings, you might get...
My expedition won't move from park..
This may be caused by a bad shift interlock solenoid, a bad shift cable or possibly a failed brake light switch. I would suggest having a professional from YourMechanic come to your location to take a look at the vehicle...
1999 Ford ExAntifreeze reservoir never fills temp gauge stopped working heat stopped working engine runs strong smoke under car
No antifreeze would explain the no heat and if the antifreeze leaked out, that might be related to the cloud of smoke. Also, if there is no liquid coolant in the engine, the temperature gauge will malfunction as you describe...
Does it cost to check service light
"Checking the light" requires that an OBD-II automotive scanner be connected to your car's OBD-II diagnostic port to download the stored diagnostic trouble codes. Those codes must then be interpreted and then an actual diagnostic must be performed that involves...
Transmission hose popped off and car wouldn't go. I've had it repaired it drove for a second and now it only goes in reverse
When you lost all the fluid it may have damaged the transmission. You should have the fluid level rechecked first and if low then top it off and recheck it. If still only get reverse then you will need to...
2013 Ford Expedition, left Front caliper will not release fully. Changed entire caliper and brake hose that leads to it. Bled bra
It sound like there may be a kink in the metal brake line that goes to that wheel. I would recommend checking the brake lines on that particular wheel to determine if any kinks exist that may be preventing fluid...
Heated seat on driver side will not heat. Passenger side works fine. 02 Expedition
Hi Claire. Thanks for contacting us today. Yeah, it's likely that you have a blown fuse or electrical relay that is causing the driver side seat heat and cigarette lighter to malfunction. I do not believe they have the same...
What if you try to turn it off by pushing the button and they won't go off?
Temporarily she can remove the fuse that protects the hazard warning light circuit, although on this vehicle that might disable other lighting circuits. Either the switch is stuck or the lighting circuit is being powered elsewhere due to some sort...
My car has white smoke coming from up under the hood and leaking at the bottom. When I looked under the hood it looked as somethin
This could be an antifreeze leak, although if leaking oil is hitting a hot engine part you would see smoke as well. If you desire, a certified Mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic right to your location, can perform a complete leak...
Cylinder honing
Prior to honing, the cylinder has to be measured for any out-of-round condition. The service limit on out-of-round for your specific engine is .0005 inches. If out-of-round exceeds .0005 inches, which it probably does, the block has to be serviced...
98 Ford Expedition, the Catalyst monitor and evap monitor is on before a smog test can be done. How to get 1 of these off?
The monitors may take up to 200 miles to get them to pass since it takes special conditions to get them to pass. You can have a mechanic run the monitor test before taking to inspection stations to get checked...
Wont turn over at all. 97 expidition
If the PATS light is on continuously, there could be a bad ground to the cluster, a faulty LED driver, or a PATS malfunction. If you had been driving the car with the light on all the time, and it...
Knocking 2000 ford expedition need help can't lose my truck low on money its my transportation to work lose job without it
The knocking could be a consequence of running low on oil. Running low on oil can damage the engine main and rod bearings and create enough extra clearance that the parts make noise as they rotate in the engine. The...
if the fuel reset switch dont reset is it the pump?
The best way to test a fuel pump for proper function is to test the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is low, this could mean that the fuel pump is weak or that the fuel filter is clogged. I...
Piston cylinder
A tutorial on cylinder honing (and grit size recommendations) is at this link. For ring gap recommendations, please see this link or the Factory Service Manual for your vehicle. If you have not honed cylinders in an engine block before,...
2001 Ford expedition is stuck in 3rd and gear shifter moving freely
You may have a broken or disconnected shift cable at bottom of steering column or at transmission. Look under dash at bottom of steering column to see if shift cable are came loose from bottom of column. The screws that...
The truck will go in reverse fine, but at every stop the transmission acts like it's in neutral. I have to rev the engine to get i
A faulty shift solenoid, and/or internal mechanical faults that cause clutch slippage, will usually set a trouble code and the check engine light will come on. Check for stored trouble codes but if there are no stored codes, a scan...

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