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power steering whinning. And wants to jerk back straight when I turn.
Hi Kenneth. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically these symptoms are often an indication of low power steering fluid or a lack of fluid pressure. If the vehicle is pulling in one direction, it's possible the rack has been damaged...
My car wont start after running low on oil and start smoking while driving the freeway . now it wont start
Hi Brandon. Thanks for contacting us today. If you have a situation where the engine is producing smoke from the exhaust and is low on oil, it's an indication that there is internal damage to either piston rings, cylinder head...
2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7l has a rough idle when stopped. I can be at a stop sign, red light, or just parked with the engine ru
You may have a bad spark plug or ignition coil and will need to have the computer tested for misfires. If you get misfire codes it will identify what cylinder is misfiring and will need to replace the plugs and...
I have a 2015 ford transit 350xlt. My instrumental cluster turns off and on multiple times while driving .what could it be?
Sometimes this can happen when the alternator is beginning to fail. It is also possible that there is a short in the electrical system. I would recommend having your instrument cluster inspected by a qualified professional who is proficient in...
I was parking in a lot where there was snow and I came out of the parking lot and my vsa light turn on
If the VSA (vehicle stability assist) light is presently on, that means that a malfunction, typically electrical in origin, has disabled the VSA system. There will be stored trouble codes and a mechanic can access those codes and then perform...
Rattling when turned on or idiling. Not sure if it’s the catalytic converter?
The converter is a possible source of rattling but it is not as likely a source of the noise as other components. Your best course is to request a vehicle noise diagnostic. The responding certified mechanic will pinpoint the origin...
ETC issue with cylinder misfire
ECM's are very reliable and thus are rarely a root cause of engine trouble. Although the misfire will have to be diagnosed and resolved once the engine is running, the initial objective is to determine why the car won't start....
I have a nostart with codes p0883 and p0700 after engine replacment.
P0883 means the voltage on the transmission control circuit is out of range. Typically, this is due to a wiring and/or connector fault. PCM failure can cause this but that is uncommon. P0700 also relates to the transmission control circuit...
is a 2006 mazda van hood the same as a 2009 mazda hood or in vans general
The hood for the 2006 model year van (the Mazda MPV) is Mazda part number LEY3-52-31XA. That hood will fit only the 2004, 2005, and 2006 model year vans. Some of the parts in Mazda models are used in several...
I already have an inspection code why do you want to charge me 70.00 the code is P0304
P0304 is a "trouble code". The diagnostic fee that you are probably referring to relates to a check engine light diagnostic. The cost component in the check engine light diagnostic involved in merely downloading the "code" is trivial and, indeed,...
System says courtesy wipe is off yet it activates always
This is an electrical malfunction that is resolved using a circuit trace. If a circuit (or feature) on your car is commanded off and yet it continues to functions (stay on), obviously power is entering the circuit somewhere due to...
My steering wheel shakes at freeway speeds, need help!?
The present cupping could be a consequence of past imbalance, misalignment, or suspension faults. Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate, via dynamic (two plane) balancing, or road force balancing, the possibility that that tire defect alone (cupping is a tire defect) is...
I need to replace the gear shift skirt on my Lincoln MKT 2011 do I have to remove the center console and how hard is that
If you are referring to Lincoln OEM (dealer) part number AE9Z-7277-AC (charcoal, for agate use part no. AE9Z-7277-AD), the parts diagram depicts that skirt (boot) as a snap in component. If you view an image of the part on the...
Quick question. I have a slow coolant leak. I've only noticed the leak after I turn off the car, not while it's running. Any ideas
A hose is a possibility. The leak point(s) can be pinpointed by pressurizing the cooling system to about 15 PSI when the engine is completely cold. A visual check during that test will reveal the problem area(s). The water pump...
Whit smoke jeep
Claimed by Jeff Engstrom
Heater fan comes on when engine is shut off. 2009 Mazda CX 9 AWD
If you are referring to the blower motor in the passenger cabin, a faulty (stuck on) relay is a possible cause but the exact cause would have to be determined in a circuit trace. If the circuit is powered even...
2010 Jeep Liberty when braking hard and also when slowly turning in reverse there is a crunching noise in left front of car
Hi Michael. Thanks for contacting us today. I wouldn't suspect that this is a side-effect of the 60,000-mile service. The noises you are describing are common with worn out bushings, tie rod ends, or wheel bearings. If the noise continues...
Coolant boiling
If you were low on coolant and oil then you may have overheated the engine and blew a head gasket and would need to have the engine pressure tested to check for bad head gaskets.
Husband stripped spark plughole in f150. He's pissed. Anyway anyone can do this at our house? He has parts/threads stripped
A repair to the threads can be performed on a mobile basis, right at your location, if you request plug replacement. Simply indicate in the notes that you are seeking thread repair only (no part installation). Or, you can telephone...

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